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Feet Deformed foot

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May 6, 2012
Hey right today we took in two more male guinea pigs. They came from a horrible pet store cage. They're overweight. The ginger one has a front paw completely curved in. The previous owners said that the pet store said he was born this way. He was in a terrible condition with clumps of hh air matted. Has anyone heard of a guinea pig being born with a completely deformed foot. We will be vet checking them as we are worried but we couldn't leave them in the home they were in. Zeus and Thor aren't taking a liking to them at all, but we're hoping this will calm down if we use the introduction process. The two new ones are in their own 12 square foot cage, and seem to be loving it. But like I said we are very worried about the quieter ginger one. He doesn't squal when we touch the leg. So I don't believe there's any paIn and there's no limping.
ID take them to a vet, you should quarantine them in another room for at least 1-2 weeks, to make sure they arent carrying anything. I have heard of them breaking a foot from improper care and it becoming permanently deformed from it. Definitely get them to a vet
I have seen a few with a deformed foot. One we had for some years had a front foot that turned sideways. She was able to get around with no problems.
Deformed feet can be the result of the mother being overheated at a particular point in the pregnancy. There's nothing really that can be done about it, and he shouldn't have any problems getting around as long as you keep him on soft bedding.
Thanks guys, both the new guinea pigs have been popcornig round. I don't think they r even seen so much space. So the foot is defo not an issue. Newly named simba is a lot happier since having a haircut. Unfortunately I don't think they'll be able to be permenant tenants, but hopefully we can move them on to a happier home :)
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