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Sick Dealing with Pneumonia


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Feb 6, 2012
Well, we took one of our guineas to the vet yesterday, and it turns out she has pneumonia. This is the (accidental) mother of our babies! So, the vet thinks she got it during her pregnancy, being especially susceptible then. Since it was about a half hour drive to go to a good vet, we brought along her only daughter, which was a good thing. Floppy, the mom, has a serious case of pneumonia. She is currently isolated now in her own cage. But she is in the same room as the others, per the vet (is that okay?). Huey, her daughter, has a mild case of pneumonia and went back in with the other girls, also per the vet. They both have medicine and seem to be taking it just fine.

I'm so worried about my other two girls, though. They have an appointment on Tuesday. One, Lucki, she seems perfectly normal. But the other is my Daisy, who is my baby!, she is resting a fair bit more and... We will have to monitor her in case she gets worse. I hate waiting so long, but the vet said they would probably be fine, but if things went downhill to rush her to their emergency clinic.

I guess my question is, because it is contagious, what are the chances do you think that the baby boys have it too? They are so active it isn't even funny. Of course they are all going to get checked, but since we have to do it in stages, I'm just speculating.

Oh, the vet also told us to get a children's Vit C pill and crush it up for them. Now, I was actually at work when this all went down, so I'm getting this second-hand from my wife. I will be there on Tuesday, though! So... my wife bought Flintstones Children's Multivitamin Plus Immunity Support. It is clearly not JUST vitamin C. Is this okay to give them? We definitely haven't yet. She said the only other thing she could find was an adult Vit C pill. Would that be fine? She went with what she did, because it was for children.

Thank you so much for even just reading! Any advice you'd have would be great. We're still new to this whole thing. I love my babies so much, I'm so worried about all of them. I feel irresponsible for not taking her sooner, but I just don't know how we could have known. =\
Not sure about the Pneumonia, but sorry to hear about that!

However, as far as the Adult Vit C Pill...... I am also not an expert. However, as long as you can crush the pill up, feel free to give it to them as long as it is STRICTLY Vitamin C. Guinea Pigs can't have too much Vitamin C, so that should be OK.

Mind you I am no expert, so you don't have to take my advice, but I do not see any reason why giving the pig(s) an adult Vitamin C pill should present any problems.

Hope I helped, and good luck!
No, don't give the multivitamin -- you'll overdose the pigs on vitamins that may be harmful to them.

Either the adult or the child vitamin C is fine as long as the only active ingredient is ascorbic acid. The main difference between the two is the dose. Just don't give as much of the adult pill.

The other pigs may or may not get the infection, but they've all been thoroughly exposed, so I wouldn't worry about it at this point. Just treat them if they do.
Thank you so much. That's what I thought, but I wanted to be sure! We'll go out and get a new vit C pill. It's fine, my wife is excited about eating the Flintstones tablet herself, so it won't go to waste.
What's the antibiotic? With pneumonia, pigs can go downhill really fast. I would weigh them each daily to make sure they are all eating normally. Do you have some Critical Care on hand just in case you need to hand feed?
For my Floppy, who has the severe case of pneumonia, she is on Azithromycin and something called Probi. Is that the actual name of it? Or...? Isn't it just short for probiotic? That is all it says, so that's what I got!

Huey, with the mild case, has enrofloxacin and probi.

I don't have any Critical Care, but we are going to the store today, so we can pick some up. Right now she has been eating and drinking normally and she moves around just fine and sometimes even would play with her daughter, which is what has confused us for the most part. If we weren't so alarmed with how often she was resting, we might never have brought her in. It was hard for us to tell if she was just resting a normal amount or not, because we do work and we can't stare at her 24/7. I guess you just get that feeling in your stomach that something is wrong and you have to go with it!
You probably can't get Critical Care at a store -- I think it's usually sold by vets. But Critter Be Better is a good substitute, and it is available at stores. Even mushed-up pellets will do in a pinch.
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