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Darwin got out... AGAIN!


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Apr 27, 2011
I used the 14" grids and he STILL found a way to crawl out... once he figures it out.. that's it... he was out 2 x's in like 5 min last night.. WTH? I'm gonna have to make a lid for it now and I didn't really want to do that. Crazy piggie... Thought they weren't supposed to climb... *sigh*

The other two don't even try.... :eye-poppi
That's very strange. Piggies aren't usually inclined to climb out. Is he on top of a pigloo/toy that he uses to get out? If so, putting a grid in that part of the cage should suffice. If nothing works, use a top. You have a very special piggy!
Do you have any sows in the room/house? Boys seem to get a special supernatural escape talent as soon as females are around.

Also, how old is he? is he fully grown?
Younger or smaller pigs can actually slip through the grids where you might need to baby proof the sides.
NO! No sows.... he's about 5-6 mos old.. NOT full grown. He's small still... 22 1/4 oz. AND we made sure that there are nothing for him to stand on and get out cause he's know to do this.

Even when he was SUPER tiny, like the day we got him, I'm thinking he was 4-5 wks, he was able to crawl out of a laundry basket and the box that he came in.

And he's not slipping through the grids, my daughter watched him, he crawls up the grinds w/ his paws until he can reach the top bar, bites it and pulls himself the rest of the way out. I'll try to get some video of it today... bet he won't do it though... lol.

He's driving me to distraction. I don't want to have to revamp the cage AGAIN... what is up w/ this dude? MAN I think we should rename him Houdini!
I find it quite amazing how some piggies try things until they get a result, then build on it by trying more stuff to see what happens. Yours is obviously one of these risk-taking, determined piggies. I have a piggie of similar temperament. He is now too large and heavy to go up the grids,but when he was younger and smaller, he would climb on his pigloo and then jump to the grids and try to hoist himself over.

However, when up on 2 legs he is now as tall as the grids and can put his nose over them. He discovered that sometimes they were not tightly cable-tied together in front--I use bull-dog clips because I open the cage for floor and lap time--and he has taken to
shaking the front grids by standing up and pushing or falling against them, and once he got out that way!!

I think more floor time would help. If I let this boy out for a while then he's happy to go back into his house, tuckered out, and
fall asleep nicely. Could you provide your piggie with more out-of-cage exercise? I think you can have a partial top on your cage, with panels just around the edges, until he is too big to hoist his body up. If you have enough extra panels you can bend them and tie bent panels so that half a panel extends in over the top all around.
Think I'm gonna cut two in half, zip time then together and then to the side of the cage so I can flip it over to cover it and then flip back to clean
I dont have any suggestions. I just wanted to say I had the same problem with a pair of hamsters. I hope my piggies wont be that adventurous.
I ended up having to cut grids in half and zip tieing them together and on. The cage is like 18" tall now and if you put a pigloo too close to the side, he can still get out but if you pay attention to where they're at, he is finally contained. He's one crazy pig and still the smallest
It's your fault.
You named him Darwin, and now he's the evolutionary pig! LOL
Have fun...
Hhahaha, yeah... I guess.... too bad he was named after the not to bright goldfish on Wonderful World of Gumball... :D Silly kids... they don't know what they did.
You did call him Darwin!! Maybe he's just trying to prove his namesakes theory of evolution? Guinea pigs can climb!:D:D:D
if he's learned to climb..he will figure out how to move the pigloos...mine do that all the time...it's like turtles moving around the cage!
if he's learned to climb..he will figure out how to move the pigloos...mine do that all the time...it's like turtles moving around the cage!

That's what I was thinking. All the stories you hear about piggies moving their furniture around the way they want it. I think I would have used as much of the grid as possible. That sounds like a new challenge for him to me ;). You could put fleece forests in the corners and take out the pigloos for a time, or put in wooden houses that are too heavy for them to move. (Piggies can't move every thing, can they? :?:)
We revamped the cage for easier cleaning and he got out AGAIN, last night...
How? Did he move the furniture?

If not, I think a top may be in order. :)
(Piggies can't move every thing, can they? :?:)

Not everything, but a lot.
I once covered the opening to a second levol with a big food bowl as I didn´t want them to get up. But Nelly just lifted it and got there. And the bowl was about 800g heavy, Nelly had about 1100g.

That he manages to get out isn´t that surprising, it isn´t that hight and the grids are pretty easy to climb. Usually guinea pigs just aren´t so interested to get out.
Years ago I had a kind of cage on the ground and the fence was less high than a cavy (on all fours!). Still they wouldn´t go out. Only two of them when there was very interesting food on the other side.
But if I took them out they all were able to jump over a fence twice as high. And Nelly climbed over grids a little higher than the grids you use for cages. But luckily only to get in, never to get out.
Put a lid on the cage, and clamp it down. Some cavies have climbed three or four feet to get in or out of a cage.
Now that's a spider pig
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