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I am moving this thread. It does not belong here in this section. If this thread gets out of hand, it will be closed.
Im sorry but I am a very emotional person, and as I said on the other forum I was talking on, I was just venting because at that moment I was mad. I come on here for advice and some of you told me I wasn't being a responsible owner to my guinea pigs, when all I wanted was some advice, not to be looked down on. Those who actually know me, know that I am a very good pet owner. I have even told you on this forum that I didn't like your comments, so I really don't see your problem. Some of you have been very supportive and very nice to me. I am allowed to say what I want on other forums. On the other forum they REALLY care about their pets too! However they tell other people when they think they are doing something wrong nicely. Also the American comment I made I feel is somewhat true. There are a lot of Candians and British on the other forum and it seems to be a lot less hostile, we debate but do not argue. Im not saying I think all Americans have a bad temper but I do think the difference in where the people are from affects the way things are discussed. As well, I am not a he I am a she, and not that you care, but maybe if you knew more about me you would understand me a little better. I am a very sensitive person and very shy, up until I was about 13 I couldn't even order at a restaurant, my mother had to do it for me (then she started to make me do it myself). My pets are my best friend and I would never intentionally do anything to harm them, so when you guys implied it, I was outraged and went and vented to my friends on the other forum. I think cavycages is a wonderful site, I just don't like some of the people on the forum and I can tell you don't like me. If I am really upsetting you that much, I will not return to this forum, but will continue to use the website. I see no point in staying on the forum if all we will ever do is argue.
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I think that anyone that has a problem with other people here or with the forum in general, you need to address those issues. You don't have to post about it if you don't want to, but merely bring it to the attention of Teresa or one of the moderators.

We here at cavycages are very caring about our pets and we want what is best for them. Sometimes things come across in a manner that sounds rude but in many instances the poster did not mean it to sound that way.
She doesn't have to apologize for , you know, having feelings. People are rude to other people on this forum sometimes. A perfect example, this thread. This was completely pointless, except to make her feel bad about her feelings about this forum. I think if anything we should be apoligizing. I'm sorry, and I didn't even say anything mean.

I think the whole basis of this forum is very high school rumormill-esque.
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Well, I don't think you should apologise weezer. You were merely giving your opinion and then others followed to do so as well.

Dandelion, I know you told us that you don't like some of our comments. I said that on page one.
I think we should just forgive her for her rudeness and move on. We've all said things we regret.

She's got sick pigs to look after. Having sick pets is enough to send anyone over the edge. (Take it from someone who knows...)
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Oops. Sorry, Dandelion, I thought you were male cause Dandelion of "Watership Down" is a male rabbit. :)
It's okay everybody, lets just forget about it and move on. What is "Watership Down"? My name is dandelion because I've used it online since highschool. It was supposed to signify that everybody else is a beatuful flower and I am just an ugly dandelion. I had a very depressing highschool experinence of people telling me I was aneorexic and calling me skeleton (although I eat like crazy), and if I said anything back then I was just a female dog, if you know what I mean.
First, dandelions are not ugly. They are very pretty little flowers, and guinea pigs love eating their leaves. :)
Second, "Watership Down" is a book by Richard Adams and a very touching animated cartoon by Martin Rosen. The story is about a group of wild rabbits in England who leave their home which is going to be destroyed. After many hardships, they find a beautiful place to live - a hillside called Watership Down. Most of the rabbits have plant names - like Hazel, Clover, and Dandelion. Dandelion is actually one of my favourite characters in that book. :) I recommend you go and buy it. It's a great story.

Oh, and as for your bad highschool experience: people will always find something or someone to harrass and mistreat. It's nothing personal - I am beginning to think that it is some sort of pervert instinct which we follow if civilization doesn't kick in. If you're not harrassed because you're thin, then you're harrassed because you are overweight, or have freckles, or red hair, or a nose, or a face, or simply because you exist. Go past it. Leave it behind. It's not you they hate.
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I read watership down in the 6th grade. Dandelion was my favorite too :) . As for high school, its a pain. I have been called so many names. But the way I see it, is that only people who dont know me would call me those things, there for I really dont care what they have to say (because they dont know the real me).
i no this isnt really important but there is also a movie that goes with the book of watership down and i saw it for the first time in grade 4 (i think) lol and it is a really cool movie and my mum told me i cried when i watched it!! lol
Hehe! Now I really need to read this book, then watch the movie!
Strange this book should come up. It's one of my favorites and I'm re-reading it for about the 100th time at the moment. I've enjoyed that story since 4th grade and while I'm 36 now it still hasn't lost it's charm. I'm about to start the chapter with Keehar's arrival.

I highly recommend everyone read it.

I had a friend that wasn't an animal person but he bought the book thinking that it was about a warship...he loved all things nautical. He came to me and said "I didn't think I would like it once I realized it was about rabbits, but I couldn't put it down. Who knew a bunch of stupid rabbits could be so interesting".
And a stupid seagull. *G* I love Keehar, too.
I think i need to re read it. I didn't really understand it in 6th grade. The only parts i remember is in the beginning when they were running away because of the danger that was comming and later in the book where one of the rabbits was killed.
Right, I've never heard of the book but it sounds good! Dandelions are NOT ugly, I love them! I know this is off topic, but you always see on TV how american highschools are like. Are they actually like it, with the jocks and cheerleaders etc. Here in England, high school or as well call it secondary school is great. Hardly any bullying and its just, I don't know... relaxed?
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