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C&C Alternatives dads building the extension! 12ftsq to 28ftsq!! but got a few questions


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Apr 2, 2012
i am currently using towels, how often should i change them? there will be 5 piggies in the cage...

how can i encourage my girls to use both levels? theyre very lazy and spend most of theyre time sleeping in tunnels ect?

how many food and water bowls should i use? i currently have 2 water bottles and one water bowl and two food bowls

Is there any way you can switch to uhaul pads and fleece? I use to use towels until I switched. I am so thankful I did. It makes a huge difference. I have 2 pigs and I change my bedding every 3-4 days. I like my cage to stay very clean.

You can try feeding them their veggies on the top...just make sure they actually all go up there so no one is left out and doesn't get food.

I have heard some say one for each pig so no one is bullied and not allowed to eat or drink.
You are using towels only? Towels alone will get wet and stay wet as the pigs urinate. What you need is some prepared fleece on top of the towels. The prepared fleece will wick the moisture down to the absorbant layer (the towels) which will keep the top layer dry.

I'm curious as to why you have a water bowl in addition to water bottles? A water bowl really isn't necessary if you have water bottles. 5 pigs is a lot for one cage. I would make sure you have at least 2-3 bowls spread out around the cage so they aren't crowding each other when they eat. Make sure you also have both pellet and vege bowls unless you feed pellet and vege at different times.

Also have at least 1 hidey per pig spread out in different areas of the cage and the hideys should have multiple exits so pigs do not become trapped in one if another pig decides to block the exit.
i do use fleece, sorry forgot to add it in, i have water bowls because one of my pigs cant use the bottles, im unsure why, i have tried showing her but she just uses the bowl, thankss:)
Depending on your pigs, you will probably need to change the fleece and towels every 5-7 days. Just be sure and sweep up any poop and hay daily. I change my three boys' fleece once per week and the cage never smells. Having a litter box/ kitchen helps keep things cleaner.
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