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Size Curious as to expanding a 2x4 for two male piggies


Cavy Gazer
Jun 17, 2020
Hey everyone,
I just bought a 2x4 cage for my two adult male guinea pigs. They have been living separate from each other their whole life except when I take them outside to play. I am worried that the 2x4 cage might be too small especially since they haven't lived together and they are used to living by themselves. I didn't have enough room for a 2x5 but I could expand the other way to possibly make the 2 side bigger to a possible 4x4 or 3x4. Any suggestions? Could I just possibly buy a midwest cage as well and using ramps attach them together so they have even more room?
As @ThePigAlchemist says, connecting a Midwest to anything can create barriers to running around, and boars need room to run.

A 4x4 would be fantastic, but also harder to clean than a 3x4, unless it's on the floor and you can stand in it. A 3x4 is large enough for two boars.
Thank you so much! So if I wanted to expand, should I just get the c and c expansion kit from the guineapigcagesstore or is there another way because the store seems like it only expands the 4 side.
Or could I just buy another 2x4 and stagger the cages so that there is a lot of room for them to move. I would cut down a part of the bigger side and attach the second 2x4 to that side with plenty of space.
Sure. That would work.
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