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UK Cubes in the Uk


Cavy Calm
Cavy Gazer
Jan 28, 2007
Where can get them from for under 30pound(including P&P) or any shops that sell them , help..:?:
They'll cost £34 pounds from Robert May if that is any use (grids cost £22, have to spend £25 to order [we bought more duct tape!] and then £9 delivery).
(broken link removed) (Order by phone, page 54, £22 for 17 panels)
I saw another thread that said they are on sale at B&Q at the moment for only £9.99
Are they on sale nationwide or just in one shop? I will try and get some if they are only £9.99. Also, do you know what they are called / what to search for on their website?
B&Q price: £9.99 (Sale price) RRP: £19.99
Name: 6-Cube Mesh Storage Unit by SLEMCKA
Bar code number: 5015772193169
Thank you, I might ring up and ask if they have them in stock. I can't see them on the website though ... are they on there?
Thanks again :)
I think I'll pop along to B&Q and get some more myself. I had some that I was actually using as a storage unit but I dismantled it to make a cage.
do you think B&Q will still have them ? i'm gonna go tomorrow and get them. They should have them because the nearest one is a B&Q warehouse so it's massive
Just to let you know there is a person selling the the cubes on ebay.co.uk they are cheaper then the shops. i am a new member just like to say hi to all you guniea pig lovers, my daughter has a male guniea pig called Rodney
Thanks! i just got 2 packs of cubes from B&Q! just thought id let you all know that they prob wont have them in the shop, i had to special order mine! but its quick and easy to order so just ask! :)
Could you send the link for the seller on ebay?
Hi the ebayer seller is not selling at the moment on ebay but her email address is [email protected] if you send her a email she will get back to you
hi did you have any luck getting the cubes
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