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UK Cubes in the suffolk or cambridge area



I got mine from kleeneze. Ive seen alot of threads with people asking where they got them from and kleeneze was the ONLY place I could find them. If anyone knows of anywhere else around here Id be gratefull as at some point Im sure I will extend my cage and need some more xxxxxxxxx
Hi I live in Cambridgeshire and have a hard time finding cubes. My only options are Robert May or Kleeneze now... I have decided to buy from Robert May as I want them with that silver covering and they can bend more easily. I am in St.Ives.
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What is Robert May? I have never heard of it. I haven't checked Kleeneze yet and I've been looking around but no luck as yet! If I manage to find some I will tell you where I got them.
It's a magazine like Kleeneze. I think they are a store that sells supplies to shops.
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