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Australia Cubes in Sydney


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Mar 9, 2004
For some reason I couldn't submit this on the "I found mine at" thingy on the main website. Anyway. I have located a few different sources of cubes:

- Bunnings in Dural (Can't remember the price but came out to be quite expensive)
- Big W in Rockdale (possibly other Big Ws too, but the Macquarie Centre one doesn't have any) They cost about $12 for a pack of 13.
- Binns in Chatswood (Victoria Avenue mall) I only just discovered them there yesterday - which really sucks because I trecked all the way to Rockdale for mine - they cost $16 for a 13 pack. More expensive, but definitely more convenient if you live north.

As for chloroplast (or corflute, as it is called here) I got mine from a real estate agent friend of the family, but apparenlty Reverse Garbage has plenty of it cheap!
Cubes have landed in Hornsby

Much to my combined horror and delight, cubes are now available in Hornsby. (Horror because I live in Hornsby and traveled all the way to Rockdale on public transport just to get cubes, and delight because I don't have to do that again!)

They sell for around $14 for a pack of 13 from the new discount shop near the station (between the old discount shop - used to be the Discount Base, changed its name, dunno what it is now, and Hungry Jacks).
wow another hornsby dweller....maybe you could help me with the questions i left in my last thread about what products you buy for your pigs...i live in hornsby as well, and i guess you get that stuff somewhere near by....
you can also get cubes in the Big W in macquarie for $15 ... a set of 18 i think.. coloured too...
sorry.. its 16..
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