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Skin Problems Crying when brushed?


New Member
Cavy Slave
Mar 1, 2011
I went to brush one of my pigs tonight, and she started crying a little bit. I searched through her fur and there is one spot around her ear which doesn't have hair, however the one side is much more bare than the other and the skin looks like it may be patchily discolored, though the texture seems normal (My other pig has big bare spots on both ears and they are normal). I know that the patches (Curtis sine pilis) are normal, but what about one more bare than the other? What could cause skin soreness without any visible symptoms? :/
The bare spots behind the ear are normal. Your piggie may have mites. Mites cannot be seen, just the effects of them. Mites are painful to piggies, can make them very uncomfortalbe and irritable when touched.
You can treat for mites yourself. The source of medicine is ivermectin. On guinealynx.com the medical site for guinea pigs, is a whole section on mites. Check it out.

Ivermection can be purchased online, Wal Mart in the horse section. or local feed stores.
It is a horse wormer paste that is diluted down and amount given by weight. Usually weekly for 3-4 weeks.
Or you can take your pig to a vet for treament. Do not let them do a skin scraping as it is very painful for the pig and is not accurate.
Mites, or any other parasitic infection, fungal infection or an allergic reaction.
Could you post photos?
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