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Mar 29, 2012
:) Hello my name is cross I have 2 female guinea pigs.
4 month old female named sunshine and a 7 month old female named Kiki
Hello Cross and welcome to your new addiction thsi forum .. hehe
Hi and welcome!! We all look forward to meeting your pigs:)

Can you post a picture?
Welcome to the forum! Check out all the great info that is here to give your piggies a great life.
We love pictures! Looking forward to sharing and pictures.
this is kiki and sunshine
Hi and welcome. Beautiful piggies. As previously said, lots of great info on this site and I will add all questions are welcome.
[GuineaPigCages.com] crossthis is kiki and sunshine
i bought a baby pool so they could play in it for exercise
Cross, that cage isn't large enough for one pig, much less two. See the Home page of this site (button at the top of the page) for recommended cage sizes. They'll be much happier and much less stressed with more room to run around.
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