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Grooming Crises averted--for now. Matted rump on long haired GP.


Cavy Slave
Oct 5, 2021
Today I noticed that my year old, long haired (5-6+"), female GP had a urine soaked, golf ball size mat over her rump. I felt like such a pet parent failure for not noticing earlier.

I did a lot of Youtube "research" on what to do. I decided to get a small electric trimmer for long haired dogs, a pair of blunt tipped grooming shears, and some leave in shampoo for small animals. I only used the trimmers. It took a few minutes, but I got the big mat off and trimmed up some hair around her bum.

She is not tame (was previously part of a hoard) and was pretty stressed, so I quit after removing the bulk of the mat. I'll work on trimming her up further next week.

No pic for tax--she was too stressed. Maybe next week.

Now questions: How do you manage your long haired GP's fur? Bathe? Brush? Trim? Nothing? When I got her, her hair wasn't nearly as long. With better health and nutrition, it has grown and grown.


Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Feb 12, 2021
When I had Gimbly, he had really long hair on his rear that would get stiff from his grease gland and wet from his pee. He also would get hay stuck in his fur. I just took some scissors and cut off the offending area. I didn't like having to chop him up, but ultimately it was better for both of us since he didn't get yucky on that end.