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Craft room


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Feb 10, 2012
My partner has 4 cats, they will not leave my guinea pigs alone. I currently have a 1 1/2 x 4 cage on two dressers pushed together. I had my two guineas together in it and they fought (also had a gender scare but I'm 95% certain they are both females) They are also both on ringworm medicine. So I won't be putting them back together until I know 100% they are both girls and they have finished their meds and gotten rid of the ringworms.
My concern is since they were fighting, my current set up is way too small.
There isn't anymore space in my bedroom and the only room I can lock the cats out of is my craft room. So I thought about making them a set up there. But then it got me thinking..I am currently working on a doll house and I have to paint alot!
I know they have sensitive respiratory systems but where I planned on putting them was right next to a window. If I had them in there with the window opened and the door opened, would the paint still hurt them? I don't want to put them at risk of getting sick(er) but would love to be able to upgrade the cage.
What type of paint are you using? Read the label to see if the vapors are harmful. I think most oil paints and enamels have strong fumes but I'm not so sure about acrylic paints.
Also, I wouldn't put them next to an open window (depending on your climate) a cold wind/ draft can be a problem too.
ColorPlace Exterior Semi-Gloss Latex Semi-Gloss House

I don't see anything on the back talking about the fumes except use proper ventilation.

To me, it doesn't have much of a smell but I'm not a guinea pig obviously, lol. I will probably just find another way to expand. Really don't want to make them sick.
I honestly don't think the fumes would be harmful, but don't take my word for it.

My thoughts would be, what direction is the air flow going. If out the windows the fumes would go through the piggies cage. I could be way off base, just a thought.

On the happy side, you could talk to your piggies while you are in the room, and they would be safe from the cats! I have a sewing room and I piggy proofed it so I can play and talk to Poppy while sewing.
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What about using VOC paints? We used one in my son's room when he was a baby there was no fumes at all.
I wouldn't put them in a room with paint fumes. Fumes from enamel paint can give you (or them) a chemical pneumonia.
I'm thinking I'm just going to wait till we are done with the doll house. I usually don't paint, it's mainly sewing but my mom and I decided to do a doll house together. But we done agreed after this one if we decided to do another we will do it at her house. (more space) So I will find another alternative for now.
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