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Cozy Cup Questions


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Sep 24, 2011
If I plan to make one cuddle cup for one guinea pig, how many yards of fleece (total, including both inside and outside) would I need?

Also how much batting would I need? Is t(broken link removed) okay? Is it enough? Could I get by with (broken link removed)?

How many yards of fleece would I need to make one cozy sack? (Enough to make one using these directions) www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo-6KOTOvmY

How much batting would I need for it? Is the craft size enough or would I need the crib size?

Now add it up. How much total fleece would I need? Would the crib size of batting be enough for both projects? I'd like each question answered separately though, thanks for the help! :)
Can anyone help?
Really? No one can help me at all?
Hmmm, don't know where my reply went.

The measurements she gives is 15x25. Fleece is usually 60" wide, so you can get 4 pieces from a yard, with scraps leftover.

ETA: If you're only making one, you just need 1/2 yard of fleece. That would be a 18x60 inch piece. That would give you the same print on both sides.

Warm and Natural batting is made from natural fibers; I would probably use polyester batting instead. Less odors that way. You only need a 15x25 piece, so the smallest craft size would work. If you are making two cozies get the crib size.
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Unfortunately I don't have any experience in this area, however by the looks of the video she has about 1.5 yards of the flower print that she says if for the outside and about .5 yards of the tie-dye. It also looked like she had 1.5 yards of batting.

The batting you picked out looked fine to me. It's 100% cotton, which is a good thing, and looks big enough to cut out your cuddle cup.

She appears to have quite a bit of extra, so you can reduce the numbers I gave you, but you'd have to use your best guess.
I'd get this batting - (broken link removed)

There's a coupon code for $.29 shipping, LEAP29.
Okay so my question is: how much inside print fleece do i need for the cozy sack and the cuddle cup total? (Will be a solid color for both) how much outside print fleece do i need for both the cozy sack and cuddle cup total? (pattern for both) how much batting do I need for the cozy sack and cuddle cup total? I'm making one of each.

Also, do you know if Hancock Fabrics has batting?
i've made this cuddle cup and my pigs love it. i cant answer your questions more directly. i actually made this with scraps i had left after making a fleece liner. it doesn't take much fabric at all, and even less batting. try not to over-think this. it's really easy to make and comes out sooo nice!! :cheerful: good luck!
I used a large paper dinner plate for my pattern.

I'm confused

Wait...so don't use the sizes Ly&Pigs recommended here?

And the video I put on here has too small of dimensions for the cozy sack?

So one yard inside fleece one yard outside fleece? (that'll be enough for a cozy sack and a cozy cup, or could I get by with half a yard inside fleece half a yard outside fleece?)

And would the craft size be enough for both? Or do i need the crib size?
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Guys? C'mon, you were so helpful before! :p
Sorry...I over-think things a lot...okay just one last question: craft size or crib size batting?
the first video you posted was how to make a sleep/cuddle SACK, different from a cuddle cup. it sounds to me like @spy9doc was talking more about a cuddle cup which you DO need to plan out much more specifically i think. i never had success making cuddle cups, that's why i liked the cuddles sack so much better, and my pigs did too. sorry for all the confusion. if it's your first time making anything for your pigs, just PLAY with it, and see how it comes out. the first time you do it it hardly ever comes out perfect anyway. whatever you do for your pigs you do from love and they'll be the better for it!
Sorry...I over-think things a lot...okay just one last question: craft size or crib size batting?

I'd get this batting - (broken link removed)(broken link removed)&(broken link removed)x60&(broken link removed)&(broken link removed) : batting : fabric : Shop | Joann.com

There's a coupon code for $.29 shipping, LEAP29.
the first video you posted was how to make a sleep/cuddle SACK, different from a cuddle cup.

I know, I am making both. That's why I posted both videos, and in my first post I asked how much I would need for both.
@ pocketmonster and ThisLittlePig: would that be enough for both a cozy sack and a cuddle cup?
Again, I cannot emphasize enough to make a pattern out of newspaper in advance, pin it together, and see if it will result in what you want. Once you have your pattern created, then you can estimate how much fleece you will need as well as how much batting. Yes, I'm primarily talking about the cuddle cup, but also make a pattern for the cozy sack to minimize mistakes.

I'm confused about how to do this, and how it will tell you how much fleece you need...sorry if I'm making things difficult, I just don't want to just say okay and not know how to do it.

spy9doc said:
I'm not familiar with craft batting, and generally buy the crib size. You can make several items out of the crib size. You will need one piece for the bottom and another for the sides. As I said, I have used the thicker non-fusible batting as well as the fusible type. The thickness is just a judgment call because it largely depends on what your sewing machine can handle. Many machines don't handle two thicknesses of fleece plus a layer of thick batting very well. You can work around this by using the fusible batting (one sticky side only), cut it slightly smaller than the sides, and iron it in place. That way you don't sew through the fleece AND the batting and have less thickness to deal with. It also makes the seams lie flatter after turning the cuddle cup right side out.

I will get crib size, just in case. I have never sewed before so I have no idea what the one sticky side, ironing stuff, etc. means.

spy9doc said:
Understand that I wasn't criticizing the video, just that the dimensions given resulted in a too-short piece for the sides. If you create it mathematically as I suggested. your creations will be what you envisioned and look very professional.

I understand, don't worry. Ok, I will do this, but how? So find the circumfrence of the circle, okay, then add 1". Got it. Now what's the part about 1/2" on the end for the seam to join? What seam? Where? Who when why how?! :crazy: :eye-poppi sorry...:sorry:
Going to get fleece tonight...
Using this same video, I made a cuddle cup and cuddle sack with half a yard of fleece and cotton or fleece as she used in the video, but I got an entire yard of batting just because it was less expensive :) If you want to be safe I would get a full yard. Also after making a few cuddle cups with this video I would probably only make the circle 10 inches instead of 11.
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