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Cozy Cube Instructions???


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Aug 11, 2011
I've recently started sewing for my two piggies by hand, and I am loving it! I've made two tunnels, a few cuddle cups, and many cozy saks and pillows. The instructions on this forum have really helped. Though, I've seen a few pictures of a Cozy Cube, or a Hidey Cube, that looks really cute. I've been trying to find instructions on how to make it, but no luck.

Does anyone have instructions or a link to instructions for sewing a Cozy Cube? All help is appreciated- thanks!
me too~i'm a way find a way to build my own cage
I think the cube you are thinking of is like this: (broken link removed). If so, you'll have to adjust the opening to be a lot larger to fit a guinea pig, and you'll have to figure out some way to make it stand up -- if you don't, it will just flop over on its side.

Hope that helps!
Thanks for all the good information! That site definently helped. Most likely I could even sew foam on between two layers of fleece to help maintain the shape. Thank you so much! lol
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