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country max


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Mar 25, 2005
I live near a country max and I go there every few days to play with the animals and they have guineapigs and rabbits in VERY large dog cages but the other day I noticed that the guinea pigs could fit through the spaces in the wires and get into the rabbits cage. would this be a threat to the piggies? I know they can't be kept with rabbits but is it ok if they can get away from the rabbits when they need to? I also saw one of the guinea pigs eating out of the rabbits food bowl. Is that really bad for them? Do you think I should say something?
thanks :)
You should probably say something. A rabbit can kill a guinea pig.
Some rabbit pellets contain ingredients that are bad for guinea pigs. Rabbits can accidentally step on them and the piggies may get stuck between the bars. They can exchange diseases that aren't harmful to one species, but are to the other.
ok thanks. I'll talk to the owner of the store as soon as I can.
I just got back from country max and it turns out they had already seperated the rabbits and guinea pigs and i noticed they had different guineapigs. The ones that were there before were very small but the ones they have now are huge! I also noticed that have the males and females seperated (thank goodness). the only problem is that i saw one guineapig and there was a sign that said "not for sale". she/he looked very sick and just sat in the corner hiding. I felt so bad for it but I felt there was nothing I could do. I'm just happy they have them seperated now.
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