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Coroplast Coroplast sides - any particular height?


Cavy Slave
Feb 17, 2012
Hi all,

With my plans to build a 2x4 C+C cage, I have a question regarding the coroplast sides. (Apologies if I have missed a post on this: I have tried using the search tool but couldn't find anything that answered my question). Is there a recommended or minimum height on coroplast sides within the cage? Only I've located some fleece that's just the right size but it would be a really tight fit with 6" sides and I've got to bear in mind it might shrink a little. Could I have something closer to 4"?

Also on a side note, I might have to house them near a radiator. It wouldn't be directly next to it and it's the only thing keeping my room warm. It's not a very warm radiator (don't know the exact settings on it but it certainly doesn't feel like it's doing very much). Would that be ok?

Thanks for your time :D
The sides on my cage are less than 6 inches high - about 4.5-5 inches high and I haven't had any problems with it. :)
Ok, thank you very much! :)
In fact, as long as you are using fleece, I think you will be happier with shorter sides. I think that the 6" sides are mainly to help keep bedding in when you are using something that can get kicked all over the place such as carefresh, but that isn't really a problem with fleece. Plus, with shorter sides you get to see more of your piggies, and they can see out of their cage better and see more of you too!
I like my sides as short as possible right now they are about two and a half inches tall. My guinea pigs enjoy looking out of the cage.
Thanks everyone, you've all been really helpful. :)
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