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Coroplast Coroplast question!


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Feb 24, 2011
My sister and I and a few other people are going to be moving into a house in a few months. We built her two female piggies a C&C a while back. It's an L-shape that fits quite nicely in her tiny apartment "dining room." Nice storage space underneath too, because it's two grids high off the ground.

Anyways, I was wondering if there is any way to order coroplast that will fit in the 5x4x2 grid L-shaped space. Right now, the cage doesn't have walls to block poop from falling past the grid and onto the floor, and her piggies don't like to use the litter boxes (one in all five corners)! Or if someone can explain to me how to build the right shape ourselves, that would be awesome too, if we can't find it premade/if it would be cheaper than premade. We've never worked with the stuff, and it's not so cheap and I really don't want to waste it. But we really need to solve the poop problem before we move. I'm also afraid that her piggies will chew it up, is there any way to prevent that?

I made her a fleece bottom with walls to put in it, over the peg-board and shower curtain, but it's such a pain to clean because they won't use their boxes, so she stopped using it.

EDIT: The cage is a 5x4x2 L-shape!
Okay, I found a great place to get a bunch of sheets for a really good price!
(broken link removed) 10 sheets per case
But I'm still not sure about taping them together, since Clara is a definite plastic chewer, but 36 x 240 (if they were all lined up) for $40 seems really good to me.
Could we put vinyl tile down on the coroplast, or should we use something else?
It seems like an easier clean up, and since we won't have a washer or dryer and will have to use a laundry-mat, it would be more convenient.
Nevermind about the pirce, shipping through them is ridiculous .__.
Have you looked to see if you can get full sized sheets (4 feet x 8 feet is standard) in your area? They do vary a lot in price depending where you are. Where I live a full sheet is $20 though I have heard other people can find it for as little as $10. Anyway, what you have found is 60 sq ft for $40. Two full sheets would be 64 sq ft which you might be about to find for aroun $40 (that's what it would cost me) plus you wouldn't pay for shipping (which is probably at least another $10 and you wouldn't have to tape all those little pieces together.

(edit: I started writing this before your final post about the shipping)
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Okay thanks, I just need to find places that sell it in store now. That sounds like a much better idea haha

Where around you has them? Maybe I'll have the same store up here.
They are usually used to make signs so look for sign shops in your area and just call and ask if they sell it. They are used a lot for political campaigning signs too and I've even seen people using those after they have served their purpose. Our Lowe's carries small pieces so if you just needed some extra pieces after getting your big ones, you might try there if you have one.
Home Depot has them, but only online and you have to buy five and I don't need that many lol
Just found out our Lowe's only has 28" x 8' and 28" x 12' for their biggest dimensions :[
Still looking! I'm gonna try searching for sign stores next.
Just called the gas station down the road to ask if they had old signs. I'm pretty sure he didn't know what I was asking and just said no to make me hang up lol
Maybe you have one of these close to you? (broken link removed)

Or a plastics company will usually not require a minimum order if you pay cash :)
I could only find small pieces so I had to use three and I tapped them all together with ductape on the outside so the pigs can't get to them! I'm also using fleece and tucking it over the edges so I'm not concerned about them chewing it. My coroplast cost 12$ a sheet but they weren't the biggest pieces. It took 2.25 for my 2x4 cage.
Home depot sells it in stores! I got it from there. I live in canada though.
I know it's suggested in the how to for the coroplast but make sure you tell them it's for a guinea pig cage. My price went from $40 for a 4x8 sheet to $20 when I told them this. They offered me a scuffed up sheet. I JUST made my box this weekend. It took us about 2 hours, it was fairly easy as long as you measure well. I measured wrong so it had to be tweaked. Oops!

When you do find it, go in knowing your dimensions b/c you'll likely have to cut it to make it fit in the car. I have an SUV and we had to cut 3 feet off and lay the seat down and then my daughter had to ride with it over her head. She kept smacking it and I thought rocks were hitting my windshield. It was a fun trip home :D
The nearest distributor from that site to me is three hours away :[
I think I'll end up getting small peices, taping them together, and sticking vinyl tile to them.
They're used to the tile anyway, cause it's what's on top of the peg board.

With them being taped together on the outside, won't urine and debris get stuck inside the coroplast? These piggies do not like to be consistent with their litter box :c

That's a good idea, mommazilla! I never though of that! I think I'm gonna end up going to either Home Depot or Lowe's and get a bunch of smaller pieces, unless I can find a big piece, and hopefully we can get a scuffed up one too haha
And your car ride come most've been very interesting x3
Is there any way to bond pieces besides taping?
I've had good luck with a hot glue gun.
Okay, thanks! On the innerside or outerside of the cage?

And why does a towel need to go under the fleece that covers the coroplast?

Does there need to be a towel if the whole cage it filled with shaved bedding, like a giant litter box?
It actually works best just to glue the corner flaps of the box. I've also used it for my ramp which I made out of coroplast and glued the side rails to the ramp floor. If you just need to join 2 flat pieces, probably tape is better. You need something absorbent under the fleece to catch the moisture. The fleece doesn't absorb it, but it goes straight through. If you were using shaved bedding, you would not use fleece or towels. I'm not sure what people who use wood shavings or something other than fleece put underneath it. Maybe newspaper, but newspaper does not work well with fleece, or so I hear.
Okay, I wanted to use fleece, but I don't have any extra towels, so I would have to go buy those too. Using shavings to fill the whole thing seems like a huge waste.
I've never actually looked but you might be able to find some towels at a thrift shop.
I was thinking about goodwill :D
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