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Scandinavia Coroplast / Kanalplast found for sale!


Cavy Slave
Nov 10, 2005
I knwo some of you here have been complaining about lack of Coroplast AKA "kanalplast" But I found a place online that sells shooting targets, the ones that run on small machines for practice shooting. They have the site in both english, german and swedish.

Now scroll down to "Animal figures" (Djurfigurer)Click on the moose (Älg) or Wild Boar (Vildsvin) links, then look for "kanalplast" on that product page. Check all links and text carefully. I just found a new page with MORE moose printed coroplastic - link at the bottom of the moose page. :-D Note: they do NOT list the added tax and you have to order for over 1000 kronor, but atleats it is in sheets! The biggest is 160 by 120 centimeters i think. Any swedes wanna co-order close to the summer? Let me know!