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Coroplast Coroplast fit without connectors

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Nov 7, 2018
So I am upgrading my pigs cage from a 2x3 to a 2x5 in hopes of finding her a friend. I ordered the coroplast from the store on this site because I like that its precut for me and the colors. But I cant find a table and I cant make one from girds because I have dogs. If I dont use the connectors and just zip ties than it will fit on a folding table perfectly. But will my coroplast fit in that? I did notice with my 2x3 cage there is a lot of wiggle room so I was wondering if anyone ordered their coroplast and just did zipties if the coroplast still fit?
You have already have a thread on this subject. Please don't start multiple threads on the same topic. I'm closing this one.

And I already answered you that you CAN make a table from grids that will be dog safe.
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