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General Coozie!!


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Feb 18, 2012
Okkayy so I want to get some of them little like puppybed looking things. or if someone could make me one! I would make them my self but I am horrible at making things. Any one know where I could get some cheap ones?:D or something.
Dr. Foster and Smith is one of my favoite animal websites. Here's the link to the bed that you want.

Small pet bed forms a perfect nest around your small pet

The great thing about this site is shipping is free if you spend more then $49.99. So look around and see if you want to order Oxbow pellets or hay or any other fun accessories.
My favorite website for these things is Cobb Cabin Crafts.
If you go on google and search that name ^ its page will come up!
The beds are super cute and super cheap!
There are a ton of suppliers on Etsy.com, and all different price ranges.
Thanks!!:D I will look on Etsy!! I just hope I can find some that my mum will order because shes a bum about putting her stuff online.D:
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