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Aggression constant mounting! help!


Cavy Slave
Jan 14, 2012
i too have 2 dominant males, but i have had them in the same cages for about a year, but just two days ago , they started mounting each other and there were teeth chattering with one of the guinea pigs. why are they mounting and chasing eachother for hours on end all of a sudden after a year? there is also chirping as well. no blood drawn, but im worried that will happen.
Maybe they are getting on each other's nerves?

How large is the cage? Did you add anything new? Clean it recently? Any new pets?
the cage is a 2x5 grid cage. the only new thing i did was give them new food at the KM website through the male. they now have pellots and fresh hay. they love it, but other than that, im not sure. they are good for a couple days , then one of them starts mounting the other for up to an hour. one is names guiness the other is named ernie. One day guinness will mount ernie and he will chirp and run away from him. and then another day ernie will run around and mount guinness. do males get in heat? guinness is 2 years old and ernie is a little over a year.
I think that as long as there is no blood, it's fine. They must be trying to establish dominance again for some reason. Usually this happens because of a change, but I don't see how new food would cause this, but it might be the cause since there is no other reason.
How old are they? They could just be hormonal "teens", I just rebonded my 2 boys recently. Both are fairly young so even though they are finally back together, there is still some rumblestrutting and mounting. The main reason being that my youngest pig decided he wants to be boss now and is testing the "alpha" male. This sounds pretty normal especially for 2 boars. As long as no blood is drawn or fights meant to harm one another do not seperate them. This is just most likely a phase until dominance is restored to the "alpha" whom ever it may be in the end. I know it's scary, but it will pass. Although you should prepare to seperate them for good if they are not meant to be, it happens, but in this case I don't think it will. Best wishes. :)
Guinness is 2 years , Ernie a year. Guinness is mainly the more dominant one, although they both are dominant. Ernie is very skittish to me tho. he doesnt really like being held. I really want to get another guinea pig. I have heard if someone gets another guinea pig, to get a baby. (of course, id get a male). They have stopped mounting each other. Im thinking maybe they are in heat, even though they are both males? If they can continue to get along, would it be safe to get anotehr guinea pig? or should i wait to get one until they get older?
I would wait it out. If they are having problems adding a 3rd can make matters worse. They might just have to stay 2 piggies forever unless you can make a really large cage. You could always adopt 2 more and build another cage if you want more piggies. :)
@PetsRLife23 hit it on the nose.

They may be simply having a hard time getting along, which happens with ALL PIGS, TRUST ME! Haha.

Unless there is blood drawn, don't worry about it. Separate them if blood is drawn, but otherwise they will work it out.

Their cage is big enough, most people with 2 boars build a 2x5. Good luck in all though!
Maybe expanding the cage will help. I would recommend you make sure there is two of everything and plenty of room to move around without running into each other. My guinea pigs did this as well, so I am expanding their cage to 16 sq. feet and adding two haylofts and hide houses. Check them frequently for scabs. If any blood is drawn, seperate them. But, use a metal grid barrier, so they can see each other and they won't have to be reintroduced. Anyhow, best of luck!
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