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Considering Pigs Again :)


Cavy Slave
Nov 29, 2011
Hello there, I just joined this site because I'm looking into adopting a pair of sows soon after not having pigs for nearly 10 years it seems. I had 4 at one point, but would like to do it again the right way :). It was a debate between a rabbit and some pigs but after fostering the rabbits I have...I think I like the pig personality more (and the noises!).

Anyway, I've got a 4x4 rat playpen that will be converted into a pig pen after the rabbits are gone. I'm excited ^_^
Hello and welcome to the site! Thanks for looking into adoptions also! We are very pro-rescue and anti-breed/buy here. There are so many homeless piggies in rescues and shelters that need good, loving homes!
You will have to share some pictures once you get some pigs!
Hi, welcome. Is your rat pen 4 ' wide by 4' in length? The only reason I ask is because someone was selling a rat pen on craigslist that's 4' long by 4' high with a lot of levels but was very narrow. Guinea pigs need sufficient space on a single level. It sounds like you've really thought out whether you want rabbits or guinea pigs and that's great! I've had rabbits, too, but have always preferred guinea pigs.
Oh, the pen is a Martin's rat playpen and is 4x4 lxw and 24 inches high. Here's a pic of it with the rabbits in it. I disconnected the two front panels so that the door swings open in case I want them to free range, and this is one of the older setups.
Considering Pigs Again :)
Welcome to the forum! It is a good thing you are doing all of your research before getting some girls. You will find wonderful info here to make sure your girls have the very best.
Keep us informed and when you do adopt a pair we would love to see pictures.
Thanks for the warm welcome ^_^. I've already been shopping around and it seems like there are a LOT of piggies on my local ad site needing new homes. I won't be getting any until after Christmas break, but these guys are hard to resist! Perhaps if the owners are willing to hold them until after the New Year I won't have to search for long :p

And...HELLO this is a good deal. Ugh
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That cage looks fine, and if I were you, I'd call and make the arrangements today because someone will grab that one up. But please throw the leash away -- pigs' backs are fragile, and if bent in the wrong direction, you can wind up with a paralyzed pig.
Well turns out those two are boys and I don't really wanna deal with manly pig behavior so it wasn't meant to be. Ah well, I'll just continue my research for now :)
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