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Sep 24, 2011
So I was thinking about what kind of hay rack to make-I might just do the shoebox thing-and I was wondering what u guys use to connect it to the cage "wall" when you make the one that attatches to the bottom then comes out diagnolly-sry 4got how to spell tht hahaha-then hangs by those connector chain things lol. Thanks for the help.
I'm not sure what everybody else uses but I have several things connected to the grid walls using all sorts of stuff. You could use zipties, carabiners clips, shower curtain rings(that latch) or just check out the hardware section at Walmart for ideas.
I have a store bought hayrack which I clip to the grids with a binder clip. I originally used zipties, but that meant cleaning a pain because I had to cut the tie off and put a new one on whenever I wanted to clean it. With a binder clip, I can easily take it off and put it back on whenever. It won't work for heavier hay racks, though.
Ok so I somehow managed to forget that I am using a "soap bottle holder" from bed bath and beyond as my "hay rack" thanks for your guys' input though :)
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