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Confusion on If my little Guinea is pregnant...?


Cavy Slave
Nov 7, 2011
Well to explain my tittle I suppose I should explain how I adopted my little furry wonders. I had to buy them from a friend. But she had lied about the condition they were in. (No they weren't actually in bad health or anything.) But they had no food or water bottle, The "Cage" was a cat carrier, and the "Toy" was a hamser ball. Anyways the point is that they had told us that they were both females... Now, after almost having had them for a year, I've notice my bigger one Godiva has been gaining weight about her hips. I looked at her more closely after reading on how males will act towards female and vice versa, and I am suspecting that she is pregnant. Could that actually possible? I mean I've had them together for almost a year thinking they were both female. (My mom and I checked.) But Im starting to wonder if I might be wrong. I though maybe I've been feeding them too much, but then again I am suspecting that thats not the case. Because Mocha (The other Guinea Pig) hasn't gained as much, and still has eaten as much as Godiva has. Could any one tell me anything to help me find out whats going on?
Here's a link to help you better determine whether your piggies are both girls or not.

Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig

If they've been together for a year+ without a previous pregnancy then I'm tempted to say that you're in the clear. Doesn't seem to make much sense that it's only now that she would conceive. However, anything is possible.

Have they been to the vet for a check up since you've had them? A cavy savvy vet would be able to properly sex them for you.
Do you have any idea how old she is? Females can develop ovarian cysts that can make their bodies look pregnant. If this is the case, they'll often have hair loss down their sides. It you suspect this, then she needs to see a vet. The usual treatment is to spay, but sometimes hormone injections are given instead.

The definitive test for a male guinea pig is to turn it on its back, put your index finger just in front of the genitalia, and rub gently crosswise the body. If it's a male, you should be able to feel a ridge there. No ridge, no male.
Now that I look at the images....I feel more certain that my little mocha is a male... I Guess I'll have to see and watch how things turn out...(I haven't been able to take them to a vet since I live in Tecumseh (In Oklahoma), and its a pretty small town....(That and I am lower middle class on the economy scale....) But I'll look into finding more out. Thanks, I'm very thankful of your help!
She seems to be gaining weight alot.... I thought about cysts some, but she hasn't lost any hair....Thinking about doing more research on finding out if Mocha is actually a male.. (Still kinda in shock about the possibility!) Thanks for the info though. ;)
if you press gently on their tummy, right above the little nub, you can usually extend their penis. I've seen two of my three. They also have soft donut looking things that are their testies.
If your female is pregnant, be sure to separate the male well before any babies arrive. The sow can get pregnant again immediately after birth, and back-to-back pregnancies are extremely hard on them.
I have found out that they are both infact male. . . The girl who sold them to us keeps on demanding the babies.... I know its rude and all but I think I might leave her thinking that there will be babies and just tell her that she can't have them... I'm usually not a rude person, but the way she keeps telling me that I actually have to give her the imaginary babies sets me off a little. Because for one she lied about their genders. (Probably the age too because my boys have just started developing noticable parts.) But most of all she sold them to us in such poor condition, It makes me furious... I don't know if it's me being over tempermental or what. So If I could have a few opinions on how to deal with this girl that would be great... I also would like tips on how to handle male guineas and their behavior... I know I've had them for almost a year, but then again I was lead to believe they were female this entire time. Thanks again for everyones great advice so far!
I don't see how she can have ANY rights to the babies, even if there were any. Are they show pigs that have blood lines and what not? Did you sign a contract saying that if there are any babies born, that she is entitled to them? If not, I'd tell her to go pound salt where the sun don't shine.
I pretty much told her that she couldn't have them. I also told her it was physically impossible to give her something that didn't exist. Which kind of made her angry. When I finally told her they were both male she was exasperated saying, OMG REALLY?! No they aren't pedigrees or even show pigs... I just gave her money and in fact it was her mom that gave me the pigs! She was also the one in the beginning that tried to sell my boys desperately saying how she couldn't care for them in the first place....So yes even if the possibility of babies were there I would still refuse to give them to her... I'm just overly infuriated that she would be so demanding over something that she couldn't care for or even obtain anyway.
She probably wanted to sell them.
yeah, that's my guess. Trying to make money of the piggies
You know, I never thought about that... maybe that is what she wanted.... but at least there wont be any more for her to mistreat on my behalf! She has been acting furious at me for just recently telling her that they were both male, then turning around and trying to hug me like we were perfect friends. I want to tell her to buzz off, but get the feeling she wouldn't leave me alone no matter how many times I tell her to!
why and how do you continue to have contact w/ her? Do you work w/ her or something? Goto school? What?
She is a school mate of mine, although she is in a lower grade level. For I believe she a sophomore. I am in fact a senior in High school. My sister complained about her a lot before her freshman year, and now I know why. She hugs me when I don't want her to. She is constantly harassing, and she doesn't get the hint at all. I wish I knew how to make her understand but it seems impossible, unless of course I just become flat out rude to her and get into trouble myself. Thought I try to avoid her it seems inevitable that I end up having to put up with her. I'm glad to have my guinea pigs, but it seems less worth putting up with her every day. I just hope I graduate soon and have her off my back once and for all. (Sorry for the long complaint, I just thought maybe it would explain her better.)
Makes sense... maybe she'll lose interest in you after the holidays...
I wish she would... She's been my harassment for about two years now, but I guess on a good note when I graduate this year she'll finally be out of my hair. :expressio
That's very strange that she even thought she was entitled to any babies that were produced. If she gave (or even sold) them to you, she has no claim to any babies subsequently produced by her inability to properly sex them in the first place.

I'm glad it turned out that they were both boys.
I am too. I know for a fact that if there were babies she'd wouldn't let me see a day with out her demanding a few of them. She sold them to us for $20, saying that they had everything; when in fact, they had nothing at all really, except for some timothy hay. Despite all the drama though, I'm very glad to have my boys. I'm starting to wonder how young they were when they were given to us. Because for one their certain genital areas (testies) weren't even dropped at all until I thought about Godiva being pregnant... So I'm stuck guessing that they were pretty young when I was sold my little fellas. :expressio
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