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Introductions Confused?


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Jun 13, 2010
I went to the SPCA and they had one boy but they would not give him to me as they said you should not introduce males to another group of males????

I already have two 1 and a half year old boars and the boy I was looking at was 3 months old, now my mum is saying that since the SPCA said its a bad idea to get one or two more boys so I can't get anymore!!

I'm so confused!!!
get information online print it out take it to your mom. You can also look on craiglist for pigs needing adoption. You could even take the info to the spca and see what they say.
Okay, I was planning on doing the bath thing to introduce them.
I've researched heaps so was disappointed, but will keep looking and tell mum it is possible.
Here is a picture of the boy, I took a screen shot yesterday but just emailed them and he is now bonded with two girls. So I can't get him anyway now. ;(

[GuineaPigCages.com] Confused?
You dont have to do a buddy bath in order to introduce pigs. That is used ONLY as a last resort if pigs can't seem to get along but NOT as introduction.

Sadly, the "males cant get along" fallacy is more widely accepted than it should be because it simply isn't true.

Males getting along has more to do with their individual personalities and how much space they have for their housing.
So What would the best thing for me to do?
Just put them in a play pen and have a towel or two handy, to sperate the pigs IF they were to fight?
I got your PM.

Well, the first thing you have to make sure of is that the cage you have for 3 pigs is large enough. For 3 males, it should be at least a 2X6. Anything less could cause a dust up.

And just like any other introductions, make sure it's on neutral territory. I usually set up a pen of zip-tied grids in a circle. Again, make sure the circle is large enough for 3 males to meet each other but also to accomodate a few hideys.

Put them all in at the same time. You dont want one to have enough time to mark his scent before the others get there.

This is something that takes time. So make sure you have an hour or two to sit and just watch them to make sure no one gets hurt.

Here is the important thing, introductions should be done ONE time. There is no introducing a little at a time. This only frustrates the pigs and stresses them out because each time they are put together, they have to start their dominance dance all over again.

Keep them together in the intro pen for an hour or so. Do not separate, unless there is blood drawn, even if it seems like they are having scuffles. And yes, you might want to have a towel ready in case a real fight breaks out. You definitely dont want to try to stick your hand in there in that case.

It's normal for pigs to mount, chasing, nip, chatter teeth when they meet each other and while they are working out dominance. These are all normal behaviors. If pigs truly aren't going to get along, there will be blood drawn.
dang hes a cutie! my pet shop told me never to introduce females! i said but i only have one guinea pig wont she be lonely! he said nope she will be quite happy -.- i was just enquiring back in the ol days o.0 haha now i know better! but some people dont know how to do it
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