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Behavior Confused about one of my guinea pigs


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Dec 29, 2011
Hey everyone,
So I'm a little confused about the way one of my guinea pigs behaves and I thought you might be able to give me some advice. I just got them both two and a half weeks ago.

My one, Molly, is awesome. She likes when I hold her, she was awesome getting her nails cut, she eats out of my hand, doesn't really hide anymore etc. She seems to be really comfortable with me; I love it.

But Abigail confuses me a little bit. First off, she's the same age as Molly but is quite a big larger, and I don't know why... But behaviour-wise, every time I pick her up, she runs up to my shoulders and buries herself in my hair, when I try to move her she struggles and she won't just sit on my chest or lap for very long. She makes these weird noises when I pet her (not teeth chattering but not purring or anything). It kind of sounds like the chuttering when they're running around the cage or the floor, but I don't know why she'd make that noise when I'm petting her. She still seems unsure of me, but she'll eat out of my hands and she's not really "tense" per say when I'm holding her. Shes wheeks for food and stuff, so she knows I am "provider of food".
Point is: I'm having trouble reading her. Does she like me or not? She does some of the behaviours that everyone says means she content, but then she also does things that says she's scared or unsure...

Any thoughts?
Even though you've already had her for a week, some pigs don't even tame after that long. She could be running up your shoulder into your hair b/c she wants to hide. (I know Ginger-my pig-and most pigs like to be hidden in dark spaces)
You just described my pigs! ^_^ haha Calypso is as you say your Molly is, always the center of attention, loves people, etc. Cinnamon however, acts "terrified". She squeals super loud when you pick her up, runs like crazy, squirms to be let go as soon as you're near the cage, hides behind my neck, and never stops talking or "complaining" as we call it. The thing is my pigs are approx 20 months old and they've both kind of always been that way. I know Cinnamon loves me, she lights up when I come home just not fond of leaving her domain to be held, unless of course food is involved. I thought for a long time that she was just a skittish "bad seed" because of the huge differences in their personalities but that's not at all the case. Your piggy will still love you, and may or may not get better with handling. I will tell you a secret I've learned with my tough piggy, always talk to her a few seconds and pet her before actually picking her up. It seems as though if she knows you're coming to get her, she's less tense and won't run much if at all. Also, let her sit in a towel for lap time and don't let her climb your neck. Cinnamon still tries to, but she's getting better with staying in my lap instead for cuddles.
I agree with Kimberly713's statement about some pigs just not wanting to leave the cozy cage. We're on the road right now, and I noticed that both of my girls (who are both a little stand-offish, but one is less polite than the other!) were much warmer to me (and others) in the house where the cage was pretty cramped. Right now, their temporary cage is almost the same size as their home cage, and they're less friendly again. My girls are very comfortable with us being around, and are certainly happy to be in my way while I'm spot cleaning the cage! I try to take it as a compliment on my cage-constructing abilities. If I didn't make their home so comfortable, maybe they'd be happier to leave it, right? :)
One other thing we've noticed is that the daughter (at least 7 or 8 months old) is comfortable enough coming out, but when we bring the mother out, the daughter gets very distressed, which seems to distress the mother. So we're trying to tame them by taking both out together, and feeding them vegetables, and then putting them back without keeping them out for too long.
Thanks for the advice
I guess it makes sense that their personalities might just be different. I'm glad no one told me that she hates me or something :p I'll just have to be more patient with Abby and give her more time. If she's just naturally this way then that's cool :)
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