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Completely new, but looking forward to learning!


Cavy Slave
Apr 2, 2012
We bought two guinea pigs at a pet store (I know now, didn't then; and wish I had, but will remember) last week. We also spent a ton of cash on a cage (too small I now know) and pellets (wrong type, why even have food for animals thats the wrong type!?!?!). Now I have been researching and changing some things for the babies. We have Peaches, 1 year (we were told) and Clover (3 months). I went today and bought the proper materials to make their cage, going to get started shortly. Thank you to all on this page, now they get the proper diet (dark lettuces and lots of timothy hay and hay pellets). They have been having floor time for the last week (found this site right after we got home, soooo thankful) I am hoping I can upload a picture of our girls. I am enjoying them more than I ever thought possible! They are just SWEET and wonderful :D


IMG_4220.jpg IMG_4245.jpg
They are so cute! Thank you for posting the pictures. I love the "are you really taking a picture of me?" look on the piggy in the lower picture.
Hello and welcome! Your piggies are adorable! I love their names!
asap...make sure they are the same sex...!!!! SOooo many times the stores are wrong. There's a whole bunch of threads on here about it...welcome! Hope you have fun posting and the bottom one is just adorable with his stained chin! hahaha
Congrats on your two piggies! Like you, I found this site soon after getting my piggy (like you, I bought from a pet store...didn't know about adoption, and Mufasa became a pet store casualty after two weeks as he apparently came with a respiratory infection...I'll be adopting soon). I hope your two babies stay happy and healthy. Looks like they're really enjoying their veggies!
Yes, we have learned about sexing guinea pigs. That is actually where the whole problem started. We began with three. We came home and set them in the bathroom to play while we set up their cage. We had bought all three at the same place, they were housed together as a mother and her two daughters. I went into the bathroom to watch them play and one of the 'daughters' was making a strange noise, same daughters rear looked a little different than the other two. Called my husband in for his opinion and he agreed. Looked guinea pig gender on google, found out how to sex them. Set her on the bed and gently flipped her over and voila!, it was a penis. Called the pet store and complained, they swore they didn't know. And that began the search that led me here. Over the last week we found another home for the male (he will be well taken care of by someone who actually knows something about guinea pigs and he's not alone), found a vet (thankfully one we already know and trust), bought our cage materials, and have learned to NEVER trust a pet store about ANYTHING.
The woman who sold us the male actually had the nerve to swear that he didn't have the penis before. Really? A self-generated penis???
The one with the stained chin is Peaches. :) She's a very messy eater but she seems to like to cuddle :) The top one is Clover. Clover would be very happy eating all of the time :) Again, I am so happy to have found this forum. It really has made an enormous amount of solid difference :) Thank you!!!
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