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Conditions Coco


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Mar 18, 2012
So i checked on my little guinea pig and offered some lettuce and she wont take it, unusual for her, she wont let me touch her belly and is hunched in a corner, im not sure what this could be but i cannot afford vets right now, bad i know but just lost my job, so is there something i could do to help her? or does this sound familiar to anybody?? it is quite late in uk now so maybe she just tired and not in mood i dont know?
She sounds sick. Is she wheezing, sneezing, runny nose? Read here: https://www.guinealynx.info/uri.html. If she has any of these symptoms, she needs emergency vet cacre right now. It cannot wait.
no she is not wheezing or sneezing and no runny nose or eyes i have no idea what to do, vets are closed tomorrow too, plus i cant afford, i dont want her to die they are my first guineas...
also she ate fine about 6 hours ago, i monitored her, but does it sound like she needs vet care?
Pigs are never too tired to eat, in my experience. It sounds like something is wrong. Please take her to the vet. If you really can't beg or borrow the money, call local rescues to see if they can help you out. Sometimes rescues here have meds on hand, and they have much more experience than you or I do.
vets are closed tomorrow so is there nothing i could do in the mean time to help??
im staying up with her, im really worried, first thing ill ring up any centres but i cant afford anything to expensive so i hope its nothing serious...feel bad for saying that but circumstances changed, i just want her to be ok :(
also if it is uri or something else dangerous is it contagious? i dont want her friend catching it...
also if it is uri or something else dangerous is it contagious? i dont want her friend catching it...
if they are already caged together the other one already is exposed...
deffinatly bad news, she can hardly stand now just slumps to her side its only 5am nothing is open!!! im so worried
Can you call Cambridge Cavy Trust? They are open 24 hours.
They are listed on this page:
(broken link removed)

Cambridge Cavy Trust
Leewood Business Park
Cambs PE28 5YQ
tel: 01406 350571

Even if they are not near you, they can at least try to help you on the phone.
i rang emergency vet it would cost me 87pound to get her consulted i only have 30pounds to my name so i have to hold out till 8am, ring and plead with local vet, i tried making her eat but i dont have a syringe so i struggled, any tips for someone who doesnt have a syringe?
bad news guys, at 7am so an hour after posting my last post she died she had a fit, its totally heartbreaking her playfriend was so upset.
I am so sorry for your loss. Keep a very close eye on her friend for signs of illness, in case Coco had something contagious. Guinea Pigs hide their illnesses vey well until it's almost too late. I also suggest a full cage cleaning, wipe down everything with vinegar. I hope her cagemate doesn't get sick.
I am sorry.

Do you weigh your pigs? It's recommended to weigh them weekly using a kitchen scale. That way if they don't feel good and don't eat as much, you can discover it early before it's too late.

Again, I am sorry for your loss.
yes i weight them every week but she never lost week , she only refused lettuce at 1am and died at 7, it was really sudden
sorry, lol im tired, it was meant to say yes i weigh them every week but she never lost weight***
I am very sorry for your loss.
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