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General cleaning up?


Cavy Slave
Apr 17, 2012
Hi all I am new on here we have 2 pigs in a c and c cage but it is on the floor in my dining room is it ok for me to use my vacuum cleaner in the same room I have shavings in my cage and the mess is driving me mad everytime we get them out twice a day for floor time it ends up everywhere I just wanted to check before i frighten them to death and omg I couldnt cope with upsetting them.:crazy:
I use a vacuum too but usually only when the pigs are having floor time in another room or outside munching grass. They don't much like it if I used it when they are in the cage. I have fleece though so I use it just to vacuum up the poops.
Hi thats what ive been doing taking them out of the room to clean up but then when we put then back it dois end up with more shavings on the floor I will have a think about using fleece then i would just have the hay then to deal with getting on the floor thanks for your reply.xx
I would highly recommend fleece....it's so much neater and I would certainly rather lay on fleece than wood shavings!!
Fleece is also a better money saver. What most people do is insert a uhaul furniture pad or any puppy training pad underneath to asorb any accidents. Then they wash it weekly. It saves on money, cleaning, and of course, mess. :)
Is it really cheaper when instead of buying shavings you have to run the washing machine a lot more?
My cavies aren´t bothered the least by the vacuum cleaner.
How much do you pay for a bag of shavings and how long does it last?
Its £1.79 a bag and lasts 1 wk. my piggies are only about 14wks and are a bit nervous they run into their little house when we go in the dining room but they have started coming back out when we are in the room now, but we have only had them 2 wks so im just a bit nervous of upsetting them.
I'm honestly not sure how much it costs to run a washing machine but maybe it is less than what you pay for shavings. I personally just don't like shavings as they tend to be everywhere. The fleece is a big expense up front but I think it saves money over time.
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