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Frustrated Cleaning the rear of my American


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May 1, 2012
Alright so my 3mo old American boar is constantly having a hairy sac. I check each of my boys every day for general wellness and that includes a look a their bums. I've noticed that every two or three days Odair, the short haired American, has a fair bit of hair in his sac. Porcupine, the long haired abby mix does not seem to have this problem. There isnt any poo so he's not impacted, but i dont know if i should worry or not. Should I clean it so often? Or am I over reacting? I have yet to get mineral oil for cleaning, the places closest to me dont have any so i have to make a speciel trip come monday. Would the mineral oil help stop the build up?

I dont know if it changes anything but he is the heavier of the two, and appears to have larger testicles. I cant tell if he is physically smaller all over since Porcupine is so fluffy its hard to compaire them. They eat the same though and if anything Porcupine hogs food more.

Thank you for your help!
At that age, you shouldn't be having to clean more than once a week, although a daily check is good. Males can flip their sacs open, and if Odair is doing that more often than Porcupine, that may be why he gets more hair in it.

Be sure to get the light mineral oil rather than the heavy stuff -- you don't want the buildup that the heavy stuff can cause.
So i should let it collect over the week? I was just worried it would cause a blockage so i was cleaning it more often.
:yuck: Ewwww, one more reason I'm glad I have girls.
I hear ya. I have asked myself "why boys?" a few times. But I love them and will have to buck it up and deal with the gross stuff. And hey! Boys will be boys!
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