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Sounds Clean cage & excitement


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Dec 29, 2011
Finaly got around to cleaning the cage tonight, was just cleaned when I adopted Cinnamon a week ago. Put my little girl in a container across the room and started scooping out with a dust pan and she was welking loudly. Soon as I was done put her back first thing was pee in the middle then go running all over checking everything out make sure it was all there. Added a TP tube filled with straw which seems to be a curious item.

My2 boys that are hardest to catch for lap time just love trying to help out during cage cleaning time, but the 2 that are easy to pick up won't come near me during cage cleaning:crazy: silly piggies! All of them enjoy checking on everything after cleaning and get really excited if there is a new box or paper bags!
Comforting to hear that you have difficulty catching them. Ours are happy and friendly and will all but climb out of their cage (front section opened) when it comes to feeding time. They also come up for chats etc. but try to pick up the boys to take them out and they run riot. It has always concerned me, because I worry that they're still too scared of us. We've had them for a little over three months now.
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