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Medications Ciproflox for URI?

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Cavy Slave
Feb 7, 2012
My vet prescribed Ciproflox for a URI. Has anyone used this medicine before? How did it work for your pig? How long before you saw an improvement in your pig? Really doubting my vet at the moment.
According to guinealynx.info these are the only safe antibiotics for guinea pigs that I've heard of.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Ciproflox for URI?
Bactrim (SMZ-TMP; trimethoprim sulfa; Tribrissen; sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim, Septra)
[GuineaPigCages.com] Ciproflox for URI?
Baytril (Enrofloxacin)
[GuineaPigCages.com] Ciproflox for URI?
Chloramphenicol (Chloramphenicol sodium succinate, Chloramphenicol palmitate)
[GuineaPigCages.com] Ciproflox for URI?
Doxycycline (Vibramycin, Vibravet)
I didn't see that med on guinealynx being safe or unsafe.
Kirsty91, that information from GL is somewhat out of date. If you search the GL Emergency and Medical forum for ciprolfloxacin, you'll find a number of references, including some that cite sources saying it is generally considered safe for guinea pigs.

However, it's a very strong antibiotic, and you have to be even more careful than usual in using it. Watch carefully to make sure the pig is eating, pooping and peeing normally. Also watch for any signs that the pig is intolerant to it -- sitting puffed in a pigloo, refusing to eat or move, not drinking, eyes sunken in, etc. That's a medical emergency, and the pig needs to go back to the vet.
bpatters- now I am very worried. She has pretty much stayed in her hut since last night. She didn't eat but a few bites of her greens. I saw her eat some pellets yesterday evening. I did feed her critical care this morning 10 ml and going to do 2 more feedings today. She was also treated for lice (which the vet called mites) with a shot of ivermectin. The vet gave her a shot of antibiotics on sunday morning. I gave her first dose of ciproflox sunday night, and have been giving her the prescribed about of .1ml 2x a day since. Her poo is coming out in 1/2 the normal size pellets & 6 or so clumped together.
She has to eat, 3hawaiiancavies. If that's all she's eating,hand feeding her is essential. Read the information at www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html, and then post back here if you have any questions.

If you can get Critical Care from your vet, that would be the best. If not, Critter Be Better, which is available in pet shops, is ok, and even pellets soaked in water and diluted to a slurry will work.

But remember, the other name for handfeeding is force feeding, and that may be exactly what you have to do. You'll have to hold the pig down (wrapped in towel like a burrito and tucked under your arm like a football). You force the small syringes in through the side of the pig's mouth, behind the front teeth and in front of the back teeth, and wiggle the syringe toward the back of the pig's mouth. Give it about .2 cc at a time, and if the pig is chewing, it's swallowing.

You need to aim for 60 cc of food per day, not 30, but you can divide that into as many feedings as you want. Make the slurry as thin as necessary to get it into the syringes and then into the pig's mouth. Some pigs like the taste of Critical Care, and some don't, so if she balks at it, you might try flavoring it with something. One person put a handful of cilantro in the food processor and chopped it up, then added it to the Critical Care. If you do that, take into account that you're aiming for the 60 cc of CC, and that the cilantro is extra, not a replacement.

If you don't already have one, get a larger syringe to fill the small syringes with -- it's much easier to load them that way.

She was also treated for lice (which the vet called mites) with a shot of ivermectin.

Are you saying that the vet can't tell the difference between lice and mites? Ivermectin will treat either one, mites better than lice but it should work ok for lice, but there's way to confuse the two. For one thing, you can't mites, and you can lice.

Do you happen to know which antibiotic was given by injection?
We have oxbow critical care. Obviously I am not feeding her enough so I will make sure I up her feedings to get the 60cc a day. Its more force feeding at the moment she is okay with sitting on the counter & me putting the syringe in her mouth. I am going to try adding pumpkin with the critical care.

The antibiotic that was given was Baytril. She told us mites but in the file says mites/lice. We are on the hunt for a new vet. You can see these little white looking worms on her when you part her hair on her rump.

I treated my other two pigs with revolution at home and am on the fence if I should give it to her also.
Do you have her separated from the other pigs? If so, I'm not sure I'd treat her with Revolution at the moment. She's got enough going on that I wouldn't feel comfortable adding another medicine at the moment. But if the pigs are all together, you might ask the vet about whether she should have anything else at the moment.
She has been separated from the other 2 for two weeks. I don't want to stress her out any more than she has already been. I am going to add some liquid vitamin c to her diet since she is not eating her veggies.
Good idea about the vitamin C.
I just recently treated a 9 month old sow with cipro for a case of bacterial pneumonia.

Like bpatters said, it is a pretty strong antibiotic. If you don't see the symptoms of the URI improving within the week I would call your vet and inquire about possibly switching antibiotics.

One thing I did that I feel helped my sow was to give probiotics 2 hours after every med administration. You can get acidophilus probiotics at any local drug store. If you can get plain acidophilus, I would do that and sprinkle it on something you can feed the pig. If you choose to go the liquid route, make sure it is lactose free. Another good probiotic is a fresh poop from a healthy pig. Guinealynx has info on poop soups, I'm sure.

This is the probiotic that I gave my pig: Natures Life - Straw-Apple Acidophilus Strawbry Apple 16 oz Liq
Thank you for all your advice. Off to the health food store to get liquid vitamin C & acidophilus to add to her diet. Also, gonna add some pumpkin to her critical care.
Another thing you can add to the CC would be the Odwalla 100% fruit juices.
Found Nature's life acidophilus now how much should I give her? I was planing on adding pumpkin to the cc but maybe i will try the odwalla juice.
I'd give her a portion of a pill. It won't be an exact science, since you're just crushing it and putting it on something. If a human dose is one pill, I'd aim for may 1/10th of one, knowing she won't get it all.
I have a liquid not the pills. All the post that I have talk about dosage for the pills but not liquid. Thank you for your response. Now I will know how much to give the next time with pills.
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