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C&C Alternatives Chicken Wire instead of grids?


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Nov 5, 2011
The dimensions of each gap are 1" x 1.3". I will be housing a six week old guinea pig. Would it be safe?
ehhh. IDK about chicken wire..make sure it has no sharp edges whatsoever.

For a guinea pig I had when I was younger, my dad cut off a large tote about 6 inches from the bottom and then fashioned me a cover from a frame made of wood and chickenwire. It worked awesome!

They may be able to go thru that though, so you may have to wrap around more again to make the holes smaller.

There is also stuff my dad has that is green plastic mesh, it's about 1inch squares. I think you can get it at home depot- it would probably be safer than chicken wire- but if you had a chewer youd have to replace it every few months.
I wouldn't risk it. Pigs can cut their paws on it.
yaa I'd have to vote no on that as well.. guinea pigs like to chew everything and I feel like that'd be sharp on their little mouths.
I had my first two pigs in a cage my grandpa made out of wood and chicken wire. They lived in that with extensions for a few months until I got supplies to make a more proper cage. As long as their aren't any sharp wires and the holes aren't big enough for the piggy to get its head stuck, then I don't think it would hurt. It never bothered my Ginger and Cookie, and they never got hurt off of it or chewed it to y knowledge. Metal wouldn't exactly taste good. :p

But that's just my experience.
Yes, chicken wire has sharp wire ends that stick out. Guinea pigs can get their feet or even their faces or eyes injured on it.
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