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Sounds Chewing?


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Nov 6, 2011
My guinea pig is always quiet, but whenever I pet her or when she roams around her cage she makes this noise as though shes chewing something.
What does this mean? Is it normal?

My other guinea pig didn't do this..
Is it chewing or chattering teeth?
My more friendly pig "chews" when I pet him and you can see he's really enjoying as he falls asleep while I do it. My other one, the shy one, will gently chatter teeth as he's not sure if he feels comfortable or not, so when i talk softly to him he will finally calm down and sometimes chew too. But when they "fight" they will chatter teeth louder, meaning they are really mad.
Hope it helped!
Usually it is a chattering noise. It means they are upset or a bit angry. Mine does it when I go to pick her up but always stops once she is in my arms. It isn't much to worry about some do it some don't, it also depends on how long you have had her.

Also if she does it randomly in her cage it could be chutting, which is basically muttering to themselves haha

Here is a great website for noises, everyone hear usually recommends it! Guinea Pig Sounds
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