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Chewing Chewing the bars


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Nov 16, 2011
I have two guinea pigs that are separated because they cannot get along. My little PEW Luke (who is very very sweet alone), becomes a monster when he is around other pigs.

Lately he has been chewing the bars on his cage almost non stop to get to my other pig. It is driving me absolutely crazy and I'm afraid he is going to hurt his teeth.

I do not know what to do. I live a studio so keeping the cages in separate rooms is just not an option.

It's not because he is bored or doesn't have enough to chew on. I've given him everything I can find to chew on! He just keeps going back to the bars. So frustrated!
I have separated guinea pigs that tend to chew on the bars too. They were really bad at first, but eventually the did settle down. Changing around their cages a lot and giving them lots of exercise and stimulation helped too. You might try blocking their vision from each other at some parts of the shared wall. My pigs only have on grid where they can see each other, and they seem to like being able to be in a place out of view of the other. Eventually, I will take away the things blocking their view as they calm sown more. How old are your pigs? They might also be going through a tough adolescence.
I had this happen with two brother guinea pigs I had. I had a C&C cage that I just spilt in half, but the one would just not stop trying to get into the other half of the cage. It was even scaring the other piggie. I don't know what your cage looks like, but I put up a wood panel to block his sight to the other cage. He could still hear his brother, but stopped trying to chew/dig his way through. Once he was more settled I took it away and he didn't start back up again.
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