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Cyst Chewing out Stitches - vet unhelpful


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May 23, 2012
My guinea pig Fizz had a sebaceous cyst removed yesterday on her back, close to her rump. The vet did not provide any post-op explanation of the sutures (I do not know if there are internal ones, but there is a set of external ones which are rather long and easy for her to reach), how to care for them, or if any pain medication was required. The vet was so busy that I did not even think to ask as we were whisked through paying for everything.

Once home I saw her bothering them, called the vet and tried everything they suggested without success until the office closed and I was unable to reach anyone. I made a cone, a collar, tried to cover it with wrap, and dressed her in a shirt to cover it. She won't keep anything on and freaks out with anything over the stitches.

She pulled two stitches out after I fell asleep last night, went back to the vet today and had those 2 replaced with only internal ones. The vet was perplexed by the chewing and had no solution. They also tried a cone, a different type of collar, and sent us home saying "This is uncharted territory. We have never seen this before. Try what you can at home, good luck." I was also told there was no pain medication I could give her.

What else can I try to stop her chewing? Should she have any pain meds? I am beside myself because I cannot provide 24 hour stitch watch and do not know how to make sure she is okay after I go to bed tonight.
Thinks she is messing with them because they are itching her? In that case, do you think the vet could provide you a low dose topical steroid?

Think your vet could provide a bandage similar to the one discussed in this link?

HOpe you baby gets better and mends well.

(broken link removed)
Took her to a new vet today. Got staples and pain meds. She pulled out one of the staples while I ate dinner and it was after hours. We took her to the emergency vet to replace the staple, and try out a new covering. Two hours later she has a piece of vet fabric stuff stapled to her back over the incision so she will bother that first. I foresee many more trips to the vet to have this replaced in the next week as she heals. This is so frustrating for her and for me. $300 of vet trips today...I really hope that this works.
I would get some pain meds. And Kim is right--healing can cause itching. I often rub vitamin e or coconut oil onto a scab to keep it moist.
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