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Chewing Chewing on Plastic


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Jun 3, 2012
One of my guinea pigs, Robin, keeps on chewing on the edge of their plastic hideaway, even though there are wooden chew toys. It's likely because their previous owners didn't give them chew toys before. But, they seem to like the wooden chew toys when I first bought it for them.

Is it safe for her to chew on plastic? And does anyone have any suggestions how I could stop her from doing that?
I don't think it's harmful. They aren't biting off large pieces that could pose a choking hazard or a blockage. All of my pigloos have bite marks on them. They don't seem to bite it to eat it; it's seems to be more about the urge to gnaw.
Okay then. Thanks.
My piggies chew on the side of the cage and igloos, but will they chew on a wood igloo or chew treats, of corse not :)

It's fine as long ad they arn't choking or cutting the inside of there mouth.
Wood and chew treats are a waste of money. Do your pigs have a good quality hay available all day long?

They only have one chain of wooden chew blocks, which only costed about CAN$2-3 without tax, so I think it's fine.

I didn't buy any treats for them though. Rhode and Robin think that veggies are treats enough. They popcorn and zoom around when they hear the sound of plastic bags. Then, they would zoom around some more if veggies was being placed in, instead of pellets or hay.
My piggies chew on the coroplast of their ramp. I got them a bundle of willow branches that they LOVE!
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