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Sounds chattering


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Mar 17, 2012
i decided to try and put charlie bear in with my 2 other boys,
well it went well for a little while then all of a sudden charlie bear started chattering at connor then they got into a fight so i seperated them, but i was wondering wether i should try again or i should just leave them apart.
charlie bear gets along with hugo as he is littler then connor i need some advice??:(
no one has any advice for me?
When they got into the fight, did they draw blood from one another? If no blood was drawn you can leave them together to work it out. To put them together, take them apart, put them together makes for more stress. And each time it is done your pigs have to start all over.
Chattering, rumble strutting is all normal. They can stay together as long as no blood is being drawn.
How big is your cage? For 3 pigs it must be at least 2 grids by 5 grids. For boys I would make it 2 grids by 6 grids or even bigger. They need room.
On the home page under Awesome Info and then Cavy Spirit is a whole section on social behaviour and indrotuctions. Check it out.
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Introducing a new pig in a cage that already smells like other pigs isn't the best way to do it; you should go for neutral territory for everyone. Put some freshly cleaned sheets on the floor and let them meet there. They'll have more room, and it won't smell like any of them.

That said, a little fighting doesn't necessarily mean anything, unless it gets obviously violent and bloody, as @suzilovespiggie points out.
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