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Behavior "chasing" boys :-)


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Oct 24, 2011
I have found that my 2 boys are very moody, there are days that they love me to death and others that they want nothing to do with spending time out of the cage. I feel like i did as a teenage girl chasing a cute boy that played hard to get. maybe this is an ok thing, especially for winston and wally, the harder they play games with me the happier i try to make them!

I have tried to relate this to happenings during the day, like has anything different has happened, are they tired or frisky, etc. i can't figure it out! I really like animal psychology and i am sure having a tough time figuring out the secrets to being a "guinea pig whisperer". I will admit we have come a long way but i just cant figure out the moods!
Love your " guinea pig whisper". I think that would be an awesome ability to have:love:.
Oh I'd so wanna know what they're really thinking.... although sometimes I'm sure they're cussing us!
The only time I'm sure they are happy is when I'm passing out the veggies:D!
OH yes they do enjoy their veggies! Speaking of, if I don't get in there with dinner my boys are going to have a fit...
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