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Fleece Changing to fleece, answers please!


Cavy Slave
Jan 2, 2012
Mr. Nibbles is getting new fleece bedding tomorrow and I need some help! We started out with carefresh but I'm thinking the fleece is worth a try so with that said, I've seen alot about Uhaul pads well we don't have a Uhaul store near us, so whats an alternative to that? Also, what is the best way to secure the fleece to the coroplast? I plan to still use carefresh in the kitchen area so hopefully that will help as thats where he normally goes anyway.
I am not a person who uses fleece myself but I have heard people use things like newspaper, puppy pads, really things that can absorb well. Hopefully a fleece owner will be able to tell you more.
You can have these shipped directly to your house from Uhaul: (broken link removed)

In my opinion, those are the best. You will want multiple pads, and shipping is free on $25 orders, so that is something to consider.

You can use towels, but those didn't control odor at all when I used them.

ETA: I wouldn't worry about securing the fleece to the coroplast unless you have a known burrower. Many pigs don't bother trying to get under fleece. I have had up to ten pigs on fleece in different cages, and not a single one has ever burrowed. I just fold the fleece over the uhaul pad to the exact size of the coroplast and set it in, nothing needed to hold it down.
I don't actually have piggies yet, but I loved the idea of using fleece (I already have that, in preparation for the piggies) and I thought about using old mattress pads, the old white quilted cotton ones that you would put between the mattress and the sheets (until my mom told me she'd just thrown away a bunch of them, so we have none left) but you can buy a twin-sized one in Kohls for like $15 I think it was, or check out a local Salvo or Goodwill.

If you're crafty, you can sew your fleece to go up and over the sides of the coro (like with (broken link removed)) or you can just clip it with the little binder clips. Or, if you only have enough to fit the floor area (instead of going up and over the sides), you can put bricks or stones around the edges (like in the corners) to hold it down IF your piggies are burrowers. Some piggies may have no desire to burrow, in which case the fleece should just sit nicely.
Can you buy a mattress pad? Like the ones sold for incontinence? (broken link removed)rom my research, towels stink after a day or two and so do newspapers. Pee pads for dogs might work but it sure would become expensive. I think you could also try a fabric store and ask for thick cotton blanket material. That might work too.
He is a burrower! Thats why I was asking the best way to secure, I already use Puppy pads for my pup so I guess I will give them a try to begin with at least.
Oh and about the mattress pads YES I could buy them what kind would be better?
Burrowing in carefresh is much different than in fleece. If you haven't tried him on fleece, I would still give it a shot without securing it, since you could always secure it at a later time.

If you are determined to secure it, I would just binder clip your fleece to the edge of the coroplast.

I prefer uhaul pads. Puppy pads are wasteful, both in substance and money, whereas the uhaul pads are from recycled denim and can be washed and reused many, many times.
Someone in another thread was asking about quilted batting too (https://www.guineapigcages.com/foru...omeone-tell-me-more-about-terry-fleece-2.html), in my opinion (after working a fabric cutting counter for a year and getting to know the fabrics) as long as it's a sheet of quilted cotton, such as the Warm & Natural links from JoAnn's pinky supplied in that thread (I don't know if the Mountain Mist is a sheet or a bag of loose fibers), it should absorb well enough. I'm not sure how long it would take to become smelly, but as pinky says in post #34 in that thread, she's used a variety of materials for her liners, and found that the U-haul pads are the best. It seems like ordering the pads from U-haul might be the best option for you. However, while you're waiting for your pads to come in, towels could be an option. They might be a little high-maintenance, but I've heard that piggies seem happiest while on fleece (popcorning and wheeking like mad) so I'd want to get that piggy his fleece ASAP ;)
Blech, wrote all that out, and it was old news lol the mattress pads that would be best are cotton, polyester won't absorb as well as cotton will. (Fleece is made from polyester, which is basically fibers made from oil, so it's good at wicking liquids, but not at holding them. This is pretty much the same for the polyester mattress pads, it won't absorb the liquids; liquid will either slide through, or sit on top of it.)
I secure my fleece and padding by folding it under my large cardboard inner piece. I was going to buy extra coroplast but it would have been expensive since I need a 5'2"x3'2" peice for my cage. I just cut up a large cardboard box and used packing tape along the edges to create a water barrier and then placed puppy pads on top of the entire cardboard liner. Then I double layered my uhaul pad and placed a single layer of fleece on top. So far, tucking the layers under the cardboard piece has worked well for me. It keeps the top layer nice and smooth and easy to sweep. Another thing I did is make the inner piece a little larger than my cage. This sorta created a seal along the edges and keeps the piggies from peeing and pooping in the corners or edges of my cage.

I do think uhaul denim pads are great. Will uhaul ship them to you?

Oh and so far the puppy pads have not gotten wet. It seems the uhaul pads and the size of my cage keeps the urine from soaking through. I also use a large kitchen and that certainly helps keep things clean too.
I don't think there's any difference with odor control between towels and uhaul pads. The main difference I noticed is that uhaul pads are more lightweight and stiffer so they're easier to lay in the cage. They dry faster than towels since they aren't woven but are pressed together. They remind me of cotton "particle board".... with particle board being pressed bits of wood which is more lightweight than a solid piece of wood. They tend to lint up more than towels but I like using them in my cage because they dry so fast in the dryer and they're cheap. I use a single layer of uhaul pads under my fleece pads which has a single layer of uhaul padding in the middle. My cages are always dry but I do detect an odor once in awhile.
I have found that twin comforters work well.
Burrowing in carefresh is much different than in fleece. If you haven't tried him on fleece, I would still give it a shot without securing it, since you could always secure it at a later time.

If you are determined to secure it, I would just binder clip your fleece to the edge of the coroplast.

I prefer uhaul pads. Puppy pads are wasteful, both in substance and money, whereas the uhaul pads are from recycled denim and can be washed and reused many, many times.

When we have floor time I have a large piece of fleece I put down, and he always ends up under it he has never tried to burrow in the carefresh,only under the fleece which makes me think when I put it in his cage he will do the same. Also, as far as sweeping it wouldn't it need to be secured somehow? I am going to order Uhaul pads or the mattress pads for incontinience, but until they come use puppy pads as I already have them on hand, Thanks for all the suggestions it has helped tremendously!
The fleece is somewhat "secured" (it is folded over the edges of the uhaul pad to make a snug fit in the cage, so the fleece wouldn't be able to be pulled in any direction). So, when I clean the cage daily with a small hand broom and dust pan its no problem, just sweep in a pile and dump.
I use puppy pads, then a towel then the fleece. I don't secure the fleece. My piggies don't dig under it or mess with it. :)
I had been using Carefresh on a puppy pad type thing, worked great, no odor or wet spots. My adoptees came with fleece and a uhaul pad. I figured the fleece would be sopping wet after they peed, nope it's dry as a bone, I did put puppy pads between the fleece and uhaul pad. I only have one uhaul at the moment, but 2 fleece, so in hopes of reducing the amount of washing and keeping something in the cage at all times, I opted for the pads. Mine aren't puppy pads actually, my grandma gets boxes of incontenince supplies and they come with, they are used on the bed, she doesn't need them, so I get them free from her. It works nicely. In my 14 yr old's GP cage she uses a puppy pad and carefresh, it works better for her, she's not as ocd about keeping a cage clean as I am, and she spot cleans. But, I poop scoop often, daily, like several times. LOL I have the fleece secured with binder clips, no one has attempted to burrow as of yet anyway.
We got the fleece in yesterday so far its going great he did get under it right away so I got binder clips and we are good now!
I have very persistent fleece burrowers, so I came up with a very different idea for securing the fleece, but it works. In my C and C cage, the walls are disconnected from the "floor" of the cage. The walls rest as one object over the perimeter of the floor. This way, I put newspaper or magazines down on the floor, and then lay the fleece down and tuck the extra pieces under the floor or base. Then, by laying the walls on top, it guarantees that my boys can't dig. It's odd, but it works. This is all inside the grids.
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