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Changed bedding over to fleeces - seems to be working well!



Changed bedding over to fleeces - seems to be working well!

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum - just wanted to talk about the change of bedding for my 3 piggies, Sally, Daisy & Meggie. I had always used a combination of things, hay, carefresh, etc. This was ok, but was quite messy, a bit smelly sometimes, so I thought about putting large pieces of fleece in instead.

Anyway, the fleece takes up most of the cage, except at one end where the food & water is, where I still put woodflakes, covered with carefresh. All their hay is put in as normal & all their other bits & pieces - have even put a bit of fleece in their big cardboard tunnel (Daisy just loves it, can not get her out sometimes!)

I have done this for about a week now & have noticed a big difference - they love the fleece, cleaning is much easier, no smell & you just put the fleeces in the washing machine when dirty. I have just ordered 2 more large pieces of this fleece from Littlewoods(I`m in the UK) @ only £7.95 each, so I will always have enough.

So sorry to go on, but I have been keeping piggies for a few years now & finding a bedding that works best for the piggies & me is great.

Best wishes,
Tinkerbell68 :)
Questions about Fleece

Have you noticed the pigs eating the fleece at all?

Do you have 1 layer, or multiple layers so they can burrow around in it?

Just wondering. It sounds like a good idea to me.

-Dan III
Re: Questions about Fleece

Hello Dan,

I have layers of newspaper first, then the big piece of fleece, cut to the size you want - you could have another layer if you wanted - I just have their house, tunnel, lots of paper for them to hide, fiddlestix tunnel, etc - I could put in a cavy cosy as well, made of the fleece.

You could try it out & see how it works - it seems to be working fine for me at the moment. They haven`t tried to burrow under the fleece yet, but they could.

Best wishes,
Tinkerbell68 :)
How is this working out?

How is the fleece working out??

Are you referring to polar fleece?

I'm thinking about this...it would save us some money...
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