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Celiac's Disease


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Feb 2, 2005
My godson has just been diagnosed with this so I was just wondering if anyone has yummy wheat/gluten free recipe's or tips for kids? Recipe's cant have any carrot's in it though (allergic). I'm trying to help his poor mother with idea's.
Oh and why on earth is gluten free shop bought products so damn expensive?!!? 500gms flour $7.00 Grrrrrrrr! 1 ready made muffin/cookie $5.50.. I'm in shock!
I can't be much of a help, but Jillian's Foods (do they have this brand in australia?) is a good wheat-free brand. You know something, one you start looking you can find a LOT of gluten free foods.

My friend has the disease and I have to say the donuts are good but the normal bread tastes stale (storebought not homemade).
Sometimes in a lot of Woolworth's Shops you can find half an aisle devoted to gluten or lactose free stuff.
Yeah there are a few good site's online for kid friendly recipe's but usually the ingredient's will send us broke so that's just why I thought some mum's might have some good ones that won't break the bank. I have since found alot of stuff in the health food isle but the price is highway robbery!
yeah, they are expensive! My 6 year old and I are both gluten intolerant and have some things. What in particular were you looking for with regard to recipies? How old is your godson?
One thing about the whole thing is the tastebuds need a little time to adjust, my daughter is now loving things that she wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole initially! It is tough initially but gets very secondnature quite quickly.
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