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Cavy Slave
May 26, 2005
I was wondering if anyone had given celary to their gp's? Is that ok?
I have heard only the leaves are okay.
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yes, i sugest you cut it up VERY small, if you even want to give it to them, it is risky, because they can choke on the strings. i suggest you dont though.
I too didn't think it was worth the effort, especially after I couldn't get them to even taste the leaves.
My pigs like celery and I give it every few days. I don't mind dicing it up for them, they especially love the leaves.
Mine really do like the celery and the leaves. I feed it maybe twice a week.
Mine love celery. I cut it up very small.
Mine love celery! They eat leaves aswell as the stick.. I do cut it up though.
My boys get celery on a regular basis and love the whole thing.
It is very stringy and may be a choking hazard. I probably wouldn't feed it.
my piggers LOVE celeery.... well not a much as their romaine lettuce..but they like it none the less. don't care to much for the elaves tho, althoug my old pig...rest his soul, loved the leafy parts!
We have tried it but our piggies dont really like it =p
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