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Nutrition Cavy Nutrition Charts Discussion Thread

Wow. So glad I joined this site and found this! The place I got my Piggie from told me to put Tang in the water. You list says no. I believe you. =) Thank you!
Hi there,
Is that chart available in word format? I cant print it properly on PDF.

Is there a more simplified version of this anywhere? How do you measure your food? Is it necessary to measure food?

Im really weary and worried about nutrition for Nemesis and Stark (skinny pig) since ive had rats and they eat pretty much everything. How do i switch up their diet so they dont get bored?
On Google Chrome, I have installed "Print Selection" app, it is free.
So using this app, I right clicked on each chart and selected "Print Image"

I know, for other browsers, you can highlight all the charts, right click, and select "print selected area" or "print highlighted area" or something similar to those options.

If you cannot figure that out, highlight all the charts and copy them. Open your word program and paste the images into a document and then print via that method.
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Thank you SO MUCH for this list. My family and I are vegans, and I tend to give my herd almost everything we don't eat from every plant. I knew that fruits should be a rarity, but I had no idea about some foods such as green beans and pumpkin. This summer I discovered that my piggies adore corn husks; however, I didn't see them listed nor did I read all 16 pages of the thread. Is it safe to provide a nearly endless supply of corn husks or even a handful of fresh corn kernels?

ETA: I found my answer. Next time I'll use the search bar first. :crazy:
Does anyone know of anything peppery (like celery) that is available in the UK at the moment? My sick guinea (thread in medical section) seems to have a taste for that and parsley at the moment, but obviously I am worried about his vit C intake.

Thanks :)
Sorry, I can't help answer your question, but I hope your sweet cavy is up and popping again soon. Have you tried vitamin c drops in it's water or orange segments?
@areo298, pretty much anywhere like tesco's, sainsbury's etc will have celery in stock
Didn't think about the vit C in the water, but might put some in for a few hours and then change it back to water to try and help.

Sorry Princess_Piggy, I wasn't very clear. I meant he only seems to be eating celery so I was wondering if there were any vegetables with a similar taste that I could tempt him with. Have just got back from Morrisons having bought some lettuces, blueberries and some more fancy things from the list and he seems to be munching away quite happily, fingers crossed!
Ah okay, sorry about that! My girls can't stand celery. Spit it back at me last time I tried them with it!

Hope your boy's doing better soon :)

PS Since you're a fellow UK'er, do you have any idea about little gem/red gem lettuce being suitable for piggies?
Sorry about the delay, just got back from another vets trip! Vet is happy with his progress, just a case of nursing him over the weekend. He even done some poops in the box for the vet which he was happy with lol

Yeah I feed them to my boys and they love them! I think they are like smaller romaine lettuce. Lidl normally has them pretty cheap if you have one nearby?
I just thought of the different greens I feed my piggies. They like Swiss chard, Boston Bibb, kale, carrot greens, radish greens, broccoli rabe (think I spelled that right.) I'm SO glad to hear he's pooping and feeling better!
Aww so glad he's doing better!

No Lidl but I'm a 4 minute walk away from a Waitrose which has a very large vegetable selection, always with excellent expiry dates on, it's where all my veggies come from :)
Do NOT use Vitamin C drops. They alter the taste of water and can cause a pig to stop drinking their water. Instead, feed atleast 1/4 of a green pepper.
What about carrot tops?
Which color on the chart would it be under?
Hey guys, I got corn on the cob and normal sized tomatoes lay night for cooking and wanted to share some with my piggies. I know u can just cut the corn of the cob, but do I cook it first? I don't think you are supposed to because then the nutrients leave right? Also, can they eat the stringy silky stuff from the cob? Also can they eat normal sized tomatoes? If so how much per pig and is there any special thing they shouldn't eat with those foods? Like the tiny seeds in them or something.
They can eat the silk and husks and cob and corn. I've heard the corn may be a choking hazard but Ferb never has a problem. I gave him a piece of cob with some kernels still on it. Also I dried the husks out for a couple of days since he seems to like them crunchy.
Thanks, @Rywen, so you know about the tomatoes?
They can eat the tomatoes. My pigs get 1/4 of a Roma tomato each every day.

They can have the silks and inner husks of the corn. But these days, corn itself is bred to be VERY sweet, so it's got a lot of sugar in it. I wouldn't give more than a very small serving of the kernels (no, not cooked) unless you can find field corn that's not bred for sweetness.
OK I'll only give a couple kernels like as a treat. Yay for tomatoes! I actually should have known that...I just saw it on the chart he he. I've tried giving them the husks before but they wanted nothing to do with it lol.
OK I'll only give a couple kernels like as a treat. Yay for tomatoes! I actually should have known that...I just saw it on the chart he he. I've tried giving them the husks before but they wanted nothing to do with it lol.

I tried this and everyone loved the corn and tomatoes. Madea not so much but she did like the corn a little. Minerva can't have it again. She coughed a couple times and I was worried she was choking.
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