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Cavy Getting Wooden Splinters???


Cavy Slave
Dec 2, 2004
I was thinking of getting my piggies one large wooden hidey house that is made for rabbits, so that both piggies can sleep together in it. The wood is not perfectly smooth and I wondered if anyone had problems or ever heard of a guinea pig getting splinters from wood that is not perfectly smooth for their hidey house? I know there are a lot of you that use wooden hidey houses. The one I saw was large enough to fit two piggies in and it will fit much better in my cage than if I use two pigloos or even use that one large pigloo that is sold.
Elambo, please don't make the same thread in different forums - once is enough for any post, and it makes it easier for people who are replying and also searching for information in the future. I've deleted the identical thread you made in 'Cage Chat'.

Can you not just sand the wood down so there's no danger of splinters? That's what I'd do.
I agree with Treen, simply sand it down with a block of sandpaper. That way, no one gets hurt!
Those are good ideas. Thank you so far. What about if the wood house is one of those that have colors like red green and blue? I know that some of the colored wood houses say that they are safe for animals to chew and are non-toxic, but what about the woody houses that have colors in the wood but do not say whether or not they are non-toxic? Can we safey presume that the woody house made by (I think it is) All Living Things is just as safe as the ones made by Walla-bee called Fuzzy Buddy Inns that many of you have in your photos here on the forum? The All Living Things one is made for a rabbit sized animal but since its larger size if perfect for a guinea pig. I just do not want to get it if anyone knows that it will be toxic to the piggies.
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Also, how do you keep your wood houses dry from any urine because I imagine as soon as urine hits the wood, the wood will soon begin to go bad and have to be replaced?
there;s no wood on the bottom of the house
Thanks for the responses so far. I realize there is no wood on the bottom of the house however, the sides and back of the house reach the floor so if urine happens to seep through the bedding or the cavy happens to urinate at an angle ever, it may hit the wood that touches the floor. I was not sure if this would cause the wood to go bad and if so I wondered how long the wood might last?
i've had miine for a few years i've had to bake it because of mies a few times but other than that it seems indestructable
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