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Cavy Caves

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Dec 5, 2004
I am still taking orders for cavy caves if anyone is interested.

Please see Post #5 of this thread for pricing and shipping information. I do not ship based on zip code unless you order more than 5 regular or 3 supersize caves at once. I ship priority mail.

You can either post on this thread if you want to order or send me a private message or an email. Thanks.
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Ly, I am interested in one medium one. How much would it be with shipping to 06247?
As you knowI want a Regular size.
I'm thinking fabric 13 https://guineapigcages.com/forum/showpost.php?p=50492&postcount=83
My daughter wants pink fleece (yuck)...I want dark purple. Pick which one will look better.

Unless you have other fabric on hand that you think I'll like we can go with the above choices.

Do you still take Paypal?
Nevermind, I saw the shipping. I am still thinking about it.
I have 2 sizes-
Regular (9"x12") -- $8.00
Supersize (12"x14") -- $10.00

Shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.
1-2 regular size cavy caves- $4
3-4 regular size cavy caves- $8
5 or more-will have to look up based on weight and zip code.

1 supersize cavy cave- $4
2 supersize cavy caves- $6.50
3 or more- will have to look up based on weight and zip code.

Flat rate shipping of $7.00 US to Canada.

Voodoo, I am going shopping tomorrow or Sunday to see if I can find a fabric I think you will like in purple tones. I still have enough of fabric 13 to make 1 cave, but it just doesn't scream voodoo to me! (evil grin) And yep I still take paypal. ly@mvtel .net (without the space).

Tasha, I will be sewing this coming week and will get your new ones done and in the mail.
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I would be interested in a super size #13. My zip is 92020.
Zak, I don't go by zipcodes for shipping anymore. It's a flat rate shipping fee. See the post right before yours. Also, I don't know if I can make it in fabric #13 because it's already been asked for if I can't find another fabric she likes.
Voodoo, are you sending a money order or paying by paypal?
I figured I'd send a money order since I have your address.
Voodoo-here is the tropical material I found. Let me know if you like it. Otherwise we will go with the other fabric.
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That will work for us. When it's done just pop that little Baby Elly right into it and ship her to me too.

Pick whichever fleece color works best with it.
Hehe, if it were only that easy! I thought you might like Baby Elly's approval for the fabric. I think I can still go with the dark purple as the fabric has some dark purple in it.
oohhh goody. I likes the purplatiousness
Ly, have you decided whether or not you are going to sell the pattern you use to make them?
What I plan on doing is taking step by step photos along with written instructions on how to make them. I am going to be doing that when I cut them out and start sewing tomorrow. I should have already started sewing, but it seems every day that I get ready to sew, I get a call asking me to do something or another for the court case that is going on with my Veteran's post. I have to make the evidence books tonight and find time to clean the pigs cages as well, so that means no sewing tonight unless I stay up half the night to do it.

The patterns, when they are available will be $3.00.
Cool, I have alot of scraps of fabric around, can't wait until they are ready!
I would like to purchase 2 of the medium sized cavy caves. What would the total be for them? I am not particular about the fabric. I have one male and one female, in seprate cages, so whatever you have would probably be fine, just let me know. I will also be paying via paypal
Redangel, I don't have medium size ones. I have regular and supersize. I am assuming you want 2 of the regular size ones? It's gonna be at least a week before I can get to your order as I have several orders ahead of you.
I got my Cavy Cave I ordered from Ly and it is so sweet and well made! It didn't take long for my Dilly to discover it and even figure it out...and this is a pig that can't figure out how to get into the cuddle pouches I made for her...even with boning in the opening to hold it open.

I will have to get another since Dilly never likes to share her sleeping spots.

I adore it Ly. Thank you
Aww, she looks so comfy in it. It looks great
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