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Getting Along Cats and Guinea pigs?


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Apr 25, 2023
My friend rescued a mother cat and her 4 kittens from the streets, and she wants to give one of their kittens to me and my mom. I’ve always wanted a cat and really want to take it, but I am worried about how it will react to my Guinea pigs. Do you think I could train the kitten to be nice around small aniamls?
It depends on the cat. But a normal-sized cat doesn't usually pose much of a threat to an adult guinea pig. Guinea pig pups, on the other hand, are a totally different matter. They squeak, they run around, and they're irresistible to a cat.

Kittens will have more curiosity about the pigs, and for a longer time, than an adult cat will.

I got a kitten when I had guinea pigs. I got closet shelving for the lid, which is sturdy enough to hold a large dog, so a cat is no problem. I made sure the cage walls were high enough that the kitten couldn't reach through the lid and swipe at the pigs. For several months, the kitten would sit on the lid and try to paw at the pigs, but he finally seemed to lose interest. And then one day, I forgot to put the lid back on the cage. When I came back in the room, the cat was in the cage, napping, and so were the pigs. After that, I just left the cage open and the cat came and went as he pleased.

However, he was a pretty chill kitty, and not in the least aggressive. So you'd have to evaluate your cat and try to decide how he'd react. But even if you don't think they'd be friends, it's not very hard to keep them separated.
Until you know the cat's behavior, I would get a lid for the cage and watch the cats! My cat is scared of my guinea pigs and hamsters. She doesn't bother the cages that are on the floor. She runs away. My sister's cats (when they sneak into my room) like to sniff at my guinea pigs and jump into their cages.

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