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May 4, 2012
I have a cat and i wanted to know how to catproof a guinea pig cage.
I don't want my cat sticking his claws into the cubes.
I also don,t want anything covering the entire cage.
Well, the only thing you can do is put the cage in a room where your cats don't go, and it has to have a lid on it, just in case the cat does get in. Otherwise, you can make the coro sides higher so the cat can't reach in and down to the floor of the cage where the pigs are. I'm not aware of any way to cat proof a cage without a lid, though. I actually clip the lid to the base, too, so the cats can't lift it up to get inside.
For lids, I've seen people use wire shelving units that look great. If you go to the "photos" tab and click on cage pictures, I'm sure you'll see something there that you may like!
i found a good catproof cage that i want to use, thanks for the advice.
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