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Ramps Cat scratching post SUCCESS!!


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Jan 18, 2012
I made a simple ramp out of a cat scratching post and now I never have to trim their nails because of them walking up and down on a daily basis. It's great!

What about the cat scratching post wears down their nails? I've only seen cat posts made from a carpet-like material, or ropey stuff. Neither of which I think would help with a guinea pigs nails.
Yes, can we see a photo of the ramp?

I would still check their nails regularly to make sure they aren't getting too long.
I'll put up a pic as soon as I get to my computer, I'm away for the day and my iPad can't post photos.

@MissJean The one I found is made of corrugated cardboard and is meant to hang from a door. It is design to file cat nails, so it works well just from my girlies just going up and down every day.

@foggycreekcavy I have playtime with them almost everyday, so I keep and eye on their nails :) PS. Foggy Creek as in the Bigfoot place?
How does it affect their fragile paws? I'd imagine burns/irritation from the friction.
There has been a few who used scratching posts as a base for their ramps, and still need to cut nails regularly. I doubt walking on them would be enough, but might help.
I thought cat's nails were groomed by scratching posts cos' their nails "shed" layers off. We were always finding nail skins around the house.:p

If it somehow works okay, then that's cool. Just be sure to check their paws and nails regularly just in case!
Where did you get it? I've been wanting it for my ramp, but I don't know where to find it.
I got mine at a local pet store, it was only about $5.
But it's designed to wear down a cats nails when they're kneading and scratching in, I can't see how them walking up and down it would affect their nails. Might help their teeth if they chew on it though lol
Well, idk, but it works great!
As long as it does it's job, that's all that really matters haha
This is my ramp:
[GuineaPigCages.com] Cat scratching post SUCCESS!!

And this is a closer-up pic of the texture of the ramp:
[GuineaPigCages.com] Cat scratching post SUCCESS!!
That's a standard cardboard scratcher, it'll work great as a ramp and is cheap to replace when they peed on it...but it sure won't file their nails at all.

Cats nails grow differently than ours and guinea pigs. They grow in layers like an onion. Cats need to scratch to flake off the outer layers, if they don't it builds up and can crack, get infected, and be very painful.

Since guinea pigs have nails that grow like ours the ramp won't do anything to file their nails.

Great idea for a ramp though!
Thank you @librarychick! It has worked well, and it has a lot of grips for their nails, so it's easy for them to get up and down.

I don't know though, I haven't had to trim their nails since I put the ramp in. I frequently play with them and groom my younger Sheba sow (I have 2 sows, the older is an American or shorthair).

I constructed the cage and got them used to the ramp almost 6 weeks ago!
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